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1st Feb 2017, 8:32 PM
Did anyone notice how you can no longer complete watcher achievements after you complete first ambition? I finished my first ambition and moved on to play eternal kingdom. I tried to complete monarch achievement (like maxing out popularity, make 20 friends) Even though I made 40 friends I did not get "make 20 friends with monarch" achievement. And even though my monarch heard petitions for 6 days in a row, I could never get "maxed out" message. It's not just the monarch. Same went for my Jacoban priest. Even though the fear bar was maxed out, the achievement was not noted. Does anyone have any solution to this? Or do I have to reinstall the game and start from scratch and try to complete all the achievements in the first ambition?

2nd Feb 2017, 12:46 PM
You can try anything you would like to try to attempt to complete the achievements, however, likely you will face the same experiences of some achievements not being calculated by the game. TSM&PN is full of bugs and glitches. Many of them not repaired by installing patches/updates like EA/Maxis said they were. You will see many strange events occur in the game the more you play...some are quite divine, but more of them are a pain in the wazoo! However, none take away from the fun this game is capable of giving to a gamer. My monarch actually had to kill himself once in order to retain his throne....meaning that my game made a second Xylan Darksword, except he was level one when my Xylan was a level 10+. It hurt, but we had to do it. This particular game also made a second knight....you know what happened to her...but anyway, my king got an achievement for beating the "king" in a duel that I should have received long before this event but did not. So, as I see it, your game does not have a glitch by not being able to receive Watcher achievements after a particular time has gone by, or an ambition has been played already, your game is actually acting normally at least for nearly every person who has played The Sims Medieval. Maxis I am sure did not intend the game to behave in this manner, but since EA rushed them in the development of TSM, much of the fine polishing work most developers do to their games before releasing them to the public for purchase, was left in a pile of dust to blow away with the wind, never to be thought about again.

I do hope if it matters to make these achievements right away, that you are able to do so, but a re-install is not likely to help you to that end. I suggest you just have a blast playing and keep trying, and you will eventually receive that Watcher achievement....they will come.

Xeny :king:

3rd Feb 2017, 5:21 PM
That is not a glitch. Since the very beginning of this game, you can only complete achievements when you are actively playing an ambition. After the ambition is finished, you can play for fun but no achievements will be gained. This is a conscious choice of game developers.