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5th Aug 2017, 9:41 PM
Ok, first I thought it was a glitch with my other quest/hero but now it's happening again. I can't get into the throne room anymore! I can look at it, reset it (I'm not sure it's actually doing anything, though) but I can't go there. So, whenever I have a quest where I have to interact with someone who is in the throne room adjacent reception hall it simply cancels. If I have the hero walk up to it, there is a route failing right in front of it shortly before the messenger post. I can collect the plants infront of the reception hall/spy quarters but I cannot go close, not even to the messenger post.

First, I thought it had to do with my few mods I added but they don't work either, so I guess not. And before you ask, I checked my setup and it's all there. However, the options for the Grimy's core mod do not show up, mosaic is still there, etc.

I have P&N, fully patched, Windows 7 and it's been working fine until recently.

ETA: Well, I couldn't find a solution and started a new game. I did figure out why my mods didn't work. I put the resource file in the Mods folder. Anyway.
It's the bloody physician that seems to glitch. She and the monarch were "creating" a fake plague to distract the pheasants from an affair that the advisor has with the daughter of the Tredony emissary (I think). Anyway, the physician is to publicly "cure" a second patient but I can't find the right one. The usual tag doesn't show. Is it possible that some NPCs disappear but may appear again? Like the consort who is betrothed to my physician but can't be found all the time even when tagged.

11th Aug 2017, 2:08 PM
This disappearance of the NPC you require for the physician is rather usual for this quest you are on. You can try and locate her by using the post box, and invite her to a location, but often this method does not work well, as the game usually informs you that the sim is busy, or its too late at night, etc. An absolute way to get the beeatch back into the kingdom where you can interact with her is to ADOPT her. Since you have Grims Medieval Core installed, you can use the option to adopt through it, then when the NPC sim gets inside the gate, UN-adopt her, which you can also do using Grims Core. She will also be listed in your inventory under all acquaintances, so click on her tag, so she will always be showing. When a sim adopts a NPC, that NPC will automatically head for their new home, they do not have a choice, so this NPC you need will head towards the physician's clinic right away, but you do not want her to live with your doctor, so remember to undo the adoption right when you have her in your clutches, okay? Good Luck!

Xeny :king:

13th Aug 2017, 6:57 PM
Thanks for trying to help, this forum is pretty dead by now, isn't it?
None of that works. It will only let me adopt children and I can't invite anyone by name since the quest requires only to fake heal the fake plague victim. I have forgotten who that was.

ETA: Sorry, it worked! I just invited a random NPC and it got the tag with "fake plague victim"! I thought the label should show up on the list of NPC to be invited. As soon as I got the message "thanks I'd love to come over, it got the tag.


17th Aug 2017, 7:12 AM
You are welcome, but if you are using Grims Medieval Core, then you can adopt adults as well as children. Do not use the post box to try and adopt an adult sim, you need to select the option in Grims Core. I believe it is located under Family Relationships, where you can find out about another sims family ties. Its in there, so keep exploring the Grims Core menu, and you will find it. TC, Xeny