View Full Version : Medieval Custom Hairs Switching to Low-Res

16th Sep 2017, 4:31 AM
I hope I'm posting this in the correct thread. I seem to be having an issue with a few of the custom hairs that I downloaded for Sims Medieval. They are switching to a lower resolution model when only zoomed out a little bit. Normally, you would have to zoom out (to the point where the "watcher eye" shows up to allow you to click on it to view the kingdom from a fixed point in the center) in order for the hair to switch to a lower resolution (and other objects and sims as well). But with this "bug" I'll call it, the hair changes to a lower resolution model much sooner. I'll post screencaps of what I'm talking about.

The first screencap is the hair as it is supposed to be and how close you have to be zoomed in to see it. (It's the blonde-haired sim.)
The second screencap is the point where the hair changes to a low-res model, and what the low-res model looks like.
The third screencap is to show when the base game hair (the brown-haired sim) finally changes to a low-res model.

I have other custom hairs that do not have this issue, so it's not all the custom hairs, just a couple.

I'd like to know if anyone else is encountering this problem, and if there is a fix for it. Thank you!