View Full Version : So are Legendary Traits randomized? How do I install mods on Origin's version of TSM?

16th Mar 2018, 5:39 PM
So I'm creating a pirate themed king and I want my king to become a Dread Pirate so that way his title would be changed from something like Emperor to Dread Pirate since the term 'Emperor' doesn't really match my taste with being a Pirate-themed Kingdom. When I played a quest that has a legendary trait in it, the 'Dread Pirate' Legendary trait didn't come up so basically I thought it was randomized and if that's the case is there a way to get the Dread Pirate Legendary Trait?

I know it's kinda strange asking this too but I've just found out there was a quest called "A Pirate's Life is for me" or something like that so I'm wondering if the only way to get that Dread Pirate trait is to go through that quest as a Guild Enemy fatal flaw sim. I'm just making sure that I didn't screw something up.

I've also saw there was a mod called "Grim's Core" which (if I knew how modding works in the Origin version of Sims Medieval) could help me get that legendary trait I wanted. Can anybody help me with modding Sims medieval as well?

16th Mar 2018, 5:53 PM
Edit: I figured out how to install mods now and Idk how I didn't think about it so the first question remains.

19th Mar 2018, 10:22 PM
I don't know about any mods for legendary traits.

As far as I know, it will always be a choice of three random traits.
You can save right before the legendary trait window comes up on the quest and keep reloading the save until you get the choice you want.
(But don't use this method on the Seven Mechanical Arts quest, it never happened to me, but I read somwhere that blacksmith's items can disappear from his inventory cause there is a bug.)

I did that with my Monarch once, cause I really wanted them to have the Famous trait.
With this trait the sim makes friends instantly, and there is an acheivement to make 20 friends with a Monarch.
So I kept reloading my save until I got the desired trait.

Also, it can be any of the legendary trait quests, you don't need to play the Pirates and Nobles quest to get the pirate trait. It's basically blind luck.
So if you have played a quest before, and you know the trait part is coming just save the game and keep reloading.