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16th Mar 2018, 10:14 PM
I am building a home for my sim named Lisa and I want to at least have a second floor for her to have her children later on. My lot has the trait of natural light so I don't need windows, at least I don't think I need windows. Here are the floors I have right now:


This is her basement where I plan to have an indoor pool later on, All I have there right now is a litter box in case her cat goes downstairs and stairs to go up to the first floor.

This is where most of her stuff is. You notice that there are 8 rooms in total. Starting from the furthest back room there is a kitchen with a tile floor. I know I could get her better appliances and more appliances and I will but what is in that image is what I have right now. There are 2 doors from the kitchen into the dining room which is just a table with 6 chairs. From there there is yet another door that leads to the hallway. The hallway connects directly to a room with a pet bed, a cat tree, and a piano. There are no doors from the hallway to that room. From that room you can go 2 ways. If you go in the direction of the kitchen, it leads you to a medical office. This is where Lisa keeps all her promotion items from her Doctor Career. She is currently at level 7 in that career, but I digress. In the other direction there is a bathroom with a bathtub, a toilet, a sink, and another litter box. From the hallway, if you go in that same direction you get to the living room where there is another table, a couch, a flatscreen TV, a bookshelf, and a couple of cat toys. If you continue to go in that direction there is a bedroom which is also a study. There is a frog there which Lisa caught herself. And outside is her garden. I know those plants need tending to and I will let Lisa do that.

Here is the second floor:


I know, it is empty with no stairs or anything else.

So I was wondering, where on the first floor should I put the stairs that lead to the second floor? And how else can I improve this home?

27th Mar 2018, 5:19 AM
I would put the stairs in the hallway. How about adding a shower and a radio?

27th Mar 2018, 6:27 AM
Well, you want windows, even if a lot doesn't need windows. Imagine yourself inside a house without windows, how would you feel?Now picture yourself sitting inside with a big window, it opens the house up, you can see the view, you can open it and get fresh air. Think of real houses when building.

Next, the rooms are too large. Think of your bedroom or your kitchen at home. Would you walk that far to get to the dek or have that many counters? So shrink the rooms.

You want to give it some interest.Right now its a rectangle. Try jutting part of one side out perhaps where the front door is to make a porch. Try jutting a part in, instantly you have a more interesting shape. Look at your own house is it a perfect rectangle or square or does it have some other shapes to it? Look at real house plans online for further ideas.