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6th May 2018, 10:36 PM
In the Sims 4, there are two types of apartment lots, regular apartments and penthouses. These two function differently. I am going to explain the differences and the ways of saving and sharing for each.

Regular Apartments:

The regular apartments in the game are:

Spice Market,Arts Quarter,Fashion District,Uptown
17 Culpepper House,910 Medina Studios,701 Zenview,1010 Alto Apartments
18 Culpepper House,920 Medina Studios,702 Zenview,1020 Alto Apartments
19 Culpepper House,930 Medina Studios,1310 21 Chic Street,VIII Landgraab,
20 Culpepper House,121 Hakim House,1313 21 Chic Street,IX Landgraab
2A Jasmine Suites,122 Hakim House,21 Chic Street,888 Spire Apartments
2B Jasmine Suites,,,

These apartments are limited by their exterior walls. You can change anything within the footprint of the apartment, including interior walls, not just furnishings. You cannot, however, change any "outside" walls (even if it's only leading to a shared hallway, it's still considered an outside wall in this case).

Regular apartments must be saved and shared as rooms, not full lots, because they are rooms within a bigger lot.

There are two ways to do this:

Method 1 - Save each room in the apartment as it's own individual room. This will give you 4 tray files per room, a .trayitem, a .room, and two .rmi files. So if your apartment has four rooms, you would have 16 tray files. Downloaders will have to place each room individually.

Method 2 - Delete one tile of wall where needed to allow the apartment to be "one room", and instruct downloaders to replace the sections of wall once they have placed the apartment. This means you would only need the four tray files to share the whole apartment and downloaders would only have to place one room.

Both methods have their merits. Personally, I prefer method 2, as it allows the whole apartment to be saved and shared as one.


There are two penthouse lots in San Myshuno, Fountainview Penthouse in the Arts Quarter and 1 Torendi Tower Penthouse in the Fashion District. These two lots are not like regular apartments. The game treats these as normal, full lots. You are allowed to change the exterior walls. You can plop any lot that fits on the penthouse lots, as long as you replace the elevator where it was. Therefore, penthouses can, and should, be saved and shared as regular lots. There is no need to save penthouses as rooms, since the game treats them as full lots. They are just on the top of a building ;)

So share away but remember...

Regular apartments are saved and shared as rooms; penthouses are saved and shared as full lots. Have fun and let the creativity flow!