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9th Dec 2018, 2:49 AM
Hi all. I've begun the slow process of porting a few mods from the TS3 to TSM. For my first release, I decided that the change outfit feature is missing the no clothes option, so I had a look at cmars old TS3 get naked mod. It was quite a hurdle before i could get everything setup to even get to the re-coding part but I did. I made a few changes in it too (upgrades):

TSM get Naked; get Dressed Mod

*Fixed the localization strings for all TSM langagues
*made the interactions submenu of "cmar Mods" ->"get Naked"
*added a "get Dressed" feature.
*made get naked unavailable to child sims (I don't care, but from a technical standpoint the game doesn't even have a nude mesh for children-- as they can't bathe apparently, so it would be a glitchy mess)
Note I didn't by default enable the dress spin, it just makes the interaction time faster, there is also here is an alternative that does that.

**btw you'll need another mod to decensor the game, all this does is switch to the naked outfit mode, which is pretty heavily pixilated on a barely modded game.**

Let me know if they are any bugs that you can find, I know most people don't play this anymore, I'll add new mods occasionaly allthough the timetable is sluggish probably.


get(un)dressed Mod

get(un)dressed Mod with Clothes Spin