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13th Apr 2019, 5:58 AM
This is very similar to adding an effect to an object (http://modthesims.info/showthread.php?t=145518). I made this picture guide for myself and figured it would be helpful to share it. The effects will stay on the Sim until you reload the lot, or turn the the effects off. This isn't advanced, but you need to know how to clone an object and make a simple custom interaction.

1. Clone an object. It's probably best to use something neutral like a sculpture or painting. Import Pie menu functions and Pie menu strings from semiglobals. Change the groups to 0xFFFFFFFF The painting semiglobal doesn't have an effects list, so clone one of the text lists and change the instance to 0x8F. Delete any of the strings that are already in the list. Add an effect to the list. There's no full list of effects anywhere but you can find partial lists by looking at the effects lists in the objects.package or by cloning an object that has the effect that you want to use.

2. Create a new BHAV by cloning the init and give it the OpCode of 0x70. You don't need an idle, like you would if you were adding an effect to an object's main to run automatically. Which means the BHAV only needs one line. Link the pie menu function, pie menu strings and the new BHAV.

Just like adding an effect to an object, operand box 0 controls whether the effect is started or stopped and how it starts or stops. 00 is a soft start. 01 is hard start. 02 is a soft stop. The purpose of the values for that box has already been filled into SimPE, so when you change the numbers, you'll see what they do. Sometimes an effect won't work if you use a hard start, so try using a soft start. Boxes 1-3 are the data owners. In the picture, they're 03 0B 00, which makes the Sim that clicks the pie menu the data owner and the one that gets the effect. operand box 4 is the string number of the effect (75 in the picture) and operand 6 is the slot number where the effect will appear. Operand 9 also controls the placement. In the Maxis example I found, Operand 8 was 0B and Operand 12 was 0A, so I kept them that way.

To create an option to stop all the effects - follow step 2 and put this code into the operands box. 09030B00000000E30B0000000A000000

When operand 9 is 00

When operand 9 is 02.

Setting operand 9 to 01 or 03 error when it comes to Sims.

There's an effects vase attached as an example that's set to use a base game effect. The effects list also includes the names of other effects (some BG compatible and some that need an EP) that might be useful for other projects.

14th Apr 2019, 12:24 PM
Thanks for so nicely organizing this information. I look forward to trying it out.