View Full Version : Anyone have tutorials on ripping a complete sim for animation?

24th Nov 2019, 4:07 AM
Does anyone know of a way to rip a complete, customized sim from the Sims 4? Apparently its not a hot topic so google searches are little to none on the subject. The only thing somewhat close to what I want is to render a sim with ninja ripper and animate through blender. But that comes out terrible. My sims never look like what I have saved and they look like the creepy standard sim and no matter how much I sculpt, grab, smooth, or just overall edit the texture and the mesh of the sim they never look like my creations. I'm very familiar with Blender and Sims 4 studio so it says a lot when I say everything I've tried just comes out pathetic.

Is there anyone who knows how to use programs like 3D Ripper DX with the Sims 4 so that I can rip a complete 3D model of my sims and convert them to use for Source Film Maker (SFM)? Creating bones and rigs are easy and only takes me 10 minutes at the longest. Weight painting another 20 if I'm taking my time. I have some experience with using TF2 models with Gary's mod through Steam. Ok, so, I know its been a long time since source film maker (SFM) has been out let alone been updated (been in the beta stage for almost 10 years now). I only recently had money to upgrade to a proper computer with a high processor and graphics card but its always been a goal of mine to animate with SFM and Blender. If anyone has any information at all please let me know. There was a related topic to this in the sims 3 forum section of this website but it wasn't helpful and the last message was over 71 months ago.