View Full Version : WCIF a mod that removes the Street Performers/Tourists

4th Feb 2021, 9:50 PM
There exists a certain mod of an adult nature that has a neat little feature that adds or removes certain populations of sims from the game. Some of those populations include the aforementioned ones of adult nature, but also more mundane populations like the street performers and tourists.

Now, I have found that this adult mod does not go well with the NRaas mods, and since I plan to build up a new world to play in, I'll have to remove it. But I would still like to have the ability to turn the street performers and tourists on and off. Is there a family-friendly mod that can do this?

5th Feb 2021, 12:19 PM
NRaas Register can control tourism. Afraid I don't know of a way control homeless street performers -- using NRaas StoryProgression to disallow the three stage careers and the three associated Showtime skills (SP Skill module required) helps slow them down considerably, but they still sneak in every so often and in most worlds I either reassign them or begin getting rid of them after they reach high enough numbers.