View Full Version : Can you make TS1 custom objects show in sub-categories in Buy Mode catalog?

18th Feb 2021, 3:33 AM
OPTIONAL INTRODUCTION (my story of getting reunited with TS1)
So yeah... I'm still interested in playing, modding, creation for TS1. I went back to this game a few months ago, after more than ten years of absence, just to remember what it was and... and I was hooked immediately. True, you can't have proper legacies, which is my only type of playing Sims BUT you can still have babies, age them up, and with Makin' Magic, they can even grow to adulthood. And when it's time for older generations to pass away, I kill them with hunger or the legendary Ladderless Pool of Death. True, there's no genetics, so no way of spreading the desired features, but I find it so exciting when a baby or kid grows up and takes this totally random appearance (the uglier the funnier!). So it's like, TS2 is my "serious" and carefully planned main legacy and TS1 is a spontaneous, whimsical journey into the incredible wackiness of this game.

So I downloaded tons of cc for TS1 but it annoys me that some objects don't show in the subcategories (you know, Desks, Dining Tables, End Tables...), but only in the All Surfaces category. Is there a way to put those in their proper sub-categories? The object-creation tutorials I found seem to have been written before Hot Date, when sub-categories didn't exist.

Edit: Don't bother answering! Literally minutes after I published this post I found the solution! (It happens so darn often, doesn't it?) So for those who might be looking for answer: download the Sims Hot Date Object Organizer from here: http://www.thesimsdepot.com/sims-1/downloads/get-cool-stuff/tools/