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19th Mar 2021, 10:16 PM
What vison, what talent. SimmerAl has converted the Independent Expressions Inc Easel for The Sims 1! with some extra fun new features. Enjoy!

Download link (https://www.mediafire.com/file/thhezztq80jjb3p/S2_Easel.zip/file)
1 Easel 5 colour options:
-Change designs when you are in build mode, simply pick up and place the object back down in build mode to change designs, a small sound effect will let you know something has changed. This will only happen in build mode and not buy mode. This works with all location lots is well.
-Pick up the paintings in the rack in buy mode to turn them into wall paintings, pick them up in build mode to move and keep them in the rack.
-Each design has four rotations.
Catalog changes:
-The easel has the same price, name and description found in the Sims2.
-Can be found and used in all location lots.

New options:
-Sell paintings for more money! Max creativity skill can earn roughly 375 simoleons per painting. Sims with a max interest in money and creativity skill can earn roughly 500 simoleons per painting. (low quality paintings will always sell low regardless of skill or interest level)
-Keep painting. Create up to 12 paintings. Your Sim will be able to take the painting of the easel and place the painting with a rack in the world. Pick this up in buy mode to convert this into a painting, pick this up in build mode if you want to keep the painting in the rack. (This option is not available for location lots)
-Add to Inventory lets your Sim gift paintings to other sims.
-Give Gift, adults can only give paintings to adults, children can give to both adult and other children.
-Scrap painting, to either cycle to the painting you want or remove low quality paintings.

Gift guide:
-Low quality paintings have a higher chance of being rejected, each painting is varied by interests, personality, relationship and motive. Sims with a high interest in style will always reject these.
-Higher quality paintings are more accepted, Sims can still reject these but less likely. Sims with high interest in style will always love these.
-Sims get 4 points in relationship and 1 in lifetime relationship. Either Sim with 5 or more points in nice get 6 relationship and 2 in lifetime relationship.
-Sims get -4 points in relationship and -1 in lifetime relationship. Either Sim with 4 or less points in nice get -6 relationship and -2 in lifetime relationship

Skill changes:
-New pop when your Sim gain a skill point! (Live PIP must be turned on or you'll just hear a sound effect)
-No more game pausing or clicking to remove dialog boxes. This new pop only only lasts for five seconds and your game will keep running whatever speed your on.
-Less dramatic rejection to studying, replaced with a simple disapproving animation and messaging saying "I'm not in the mood to paint" with the new pop up.
-Learn skills on any location lot.
-Sims learn creativity slightly faster then the original easel. Sims with 5 or more in playful points or maxed interest in style earn skills faster.

Other Changes:
-New accessories. New paint brush and palette will be used just for this easel.
-Sims with 5 or more point in playful or maxed interest in style gain more fun painting.
-Fun motive fully fills.
-Children can only paint the lower quality painting.
-Children cannot paint if a higher quality painting has been started. (they can still sell, keep or scrap)
-Children cannot add higher quality paintings to inventories.
-This easel only has 3 states. empty > painting in progress > painting finished.
Download link (https://www.mediafire.com/file/thhezztq80jjb3p/S2_Easel.zip/file)

20th Mar 2021, 2:52 AM
This looks great; thanks so much for making it!

I usually use Hedda's easel from SomeSimThings because sims can use it sitting down, so they can get comfort while painting, but this looks cool enough to make them stand up for. :-)

30th Mar 2021, 9:35 PM
Yay! Yet another bunch of amazing stuff for original sims! Thanks for all your hard work :)

3rd Jul 2021, 6:54 PM
Great stuff! Thank you!
Regards Vic ^_^