View Full Version : Garage door centered on n+1 tiles?

14th Apr 2021, 9:39 PM
Has anyone found either a standard (4-tile) garage door centered on 5 wall tiles, or one of the modded 3-tile garage doors centered on 4 tiles? A full wall tile is too much space at the edge of a garage door on a lot of house designs.

Alternately, can anyone direct me to a tutorial about how to do that kind of manipulation on doors/windows that doesn't assume I already know how to create custom objects?

14th Apr 2021, 11:48 PM
I don't know if there are any mods on these, others can help. But I can tell you that the garage door doesn't really do anything as it doesn't like automatically open when your car drives out etc...

So you can actually "paint" one that looks realistic. I've seen it before in some worlds, I think Boroughsburg or the New York world has a few "fake garage doors" by using wall textures etc...

15th Apr 2021, 12:51 AM
This is an excellent garage door set. I tend to use the 3x1 almost always. https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3/id/1055910/

Here is a pattern with fake doors - they almost look like a garage door??? https://www.thesimsresource.com/downloads/details/category/sims3-sets-wallsfloors/title/wallpaper-set-fake-wall-closet-fake-wand-schrank-/id/1078282/