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15th Jun 2021, 8:11 PM

When you make friends in The Sims, you have to keep up with them, because your relationship declines gradually over time. Okay, sure, in the real world if you don't talk to somebody for a decade, they might stop being your friend, but a few days -- or even a few weeks -- shouldn't matter that much.

So I've made a mod that eliminates relationship decay. You can still lose a friend if you're mean to them or even if you talk about things they find boring, but you won't lose a friend to decay. Make a friend and have them for life!

Make sure you put the two files in the right places; these files do NOT go in the downloads folder! There are complete directions both on my site and in a readme in the folder with the mod.

I've used this mod in my game for several months with no trouble -- and @AwooWolfWoof and @PanCakezzz were both kind enough to test it for me -- but if it gives you problems, just delete it.

My mods are always free, and my site doesn't ask for anything -- no registration or any of that crap. Your browser might tell you that my site is "not secure," but since you aren't giving me anything -- my site doesn't ask for information or money or anything at all -- it doesn't NEED to be secure; it's just a plain old download.

You can get the mod at http://corylea.com/EliminateRelationshipDecayModForTheSims1ByCorylea.html .

If you decide you want your relationships to decay again, simply remove those two files, and the game's internal files will take over again.

I make mods for my own use, but I go to all the trouble of uploading them in an attempt to make my fellow simmers happy. If you like the mod, please say so! I don't get mail at corylea.com, but you can leave a comment in this thread; I'll be checking it frequently.

I hope you enjoy the mod. Happy Simming!

8th Aug 2021, 10:59 PM
Hi Corylea!
Thanks for this modification. I have to try it and tell you how it went.

10th Aug 2021, 2:35 AM
@simsgat -- Thanks for the reply; I hope you'll enjoy the mod!

(Sorry for answering so briefly, but I'm dealing with family medical issues at the moment.)

10th Aug 2021, 1:14 PM
@corylea Yes, I'll enjoy it! Thanks to you for creating it. I'm looking forward to seeing more mods of yours.
Don't worry about the delay, I hope everything goes well.