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3rd Jul 2021, 3:58 PM

As you know, for some default Downtown Lots, how they look and what is on them depend on wich expansion packs are installed, and may depend upon the order in which they are installed. Pet-related items from Unleashed may not appear unless Unleashed or later expansion pack was installed before Hot Date. Tiki, disco, and "country" items from House party may not appear if any expansion packs were installed between House Party and Hot Date, or if Unleashed or later expansion pack is installed.
The Sims Complete Collection contains Unleashed versions of lots, meaning that the items from House Party will not appear by Default but the items from Unleashed will.
This pack of lots is custom made mash-up of two versions of lots that has both Unleashed and House Party items. That means your sims now can have Unleashed pet stores togehter with Houseparty items for hang out.
All Houseparty items were placed on Unleashed version lots in strong accordance to original. Except some miserable things that tool place on Barrett's Boardwalk. Its first floor has been made one tile shorter and all of the windows were removed in House Party Version. I did not delete 2nd floor windows and did not change the size of entire building.
The list of the lots that included:

House24.iff - Wresday's
House26.iff - Landgraab Mall
House27.iff - Old farm Square
House28.iff - Barrett's Boardwalk
House29.iff - SimCity Beach
Feel free install them all or in party into your C:\GAMES\THESIMS\USERDATA\HOUSES
Next minor changes were made to lots:

Wresday's - has more exhibit decorations
Landgraab Mall - has tiki theme restaurant instead of Burger Clown
Old Farm Square - "generic upscale" decor, one pool table intead three, DJ Booth instead of jukebox
Barrett's Boardwalk - small dance floor and DJ booth instead of outdoor seating area, tiki themed bar and swimsuite store
SimCity Beach - swimsuite have Hawaaian theme instead of generic retail store
Other the then that were made a lot of different tweakings like wall speakers replace,
walls repainting and miserable changes to placement of furnishing that existed. And again, all in accordance with House Party lots for Downtown.
Hot Date, Houseparty and Unleashed EPs are required
Next informational recourses are used to make changes autentic. Many thanks to people who provided
pictures of Downtown lots from House Party:
SariaFan93 and lifestream video of tiki-theme downtown lots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBdIVShpCX4
inujade for lifestream video of House Party lots in downtown: https://inujade.wordpress.com/2013/08/13/lets-play-the-sims-1-hot-date-7/
Special thanks to Sortyero29 for keeping interest in Original Sims game
and her great creations for the Sims 4 and making comparison pictures


21/07/03 21:05: Whoopsie! I had two tiki wall templates left in Landgraab Mall candy store. :faceslap: They were vanished
21/07/03 03:09: Landraab Mall water closet was repainted according to House Party version of lot that has cyan tikki wallpapers in it.
22/06/13 14:00: Few changes in Boardwalk to match its autenticy: Hot shrimp stall from Superstar has been replaced by Cheap Eats Counter fron Hot Date, tiki store had two types of wall speakers in one room and now has one which plays Easy Listening.

I reshare edited rar with each update.
However I don't update pictures so they show a little bit wrong information.

Regards, Victor_tor ^_^
MTS, 2021

3rd Jul 2021, 7:43 PM

26th Jul 2021, 5:40 PM
Thanks, i didn't even know i needed something like this.

27th Jul 2021, 1:26 AM
Thanks, i didn't even know i needed something like this.
You are welcome. :anime:
I started this only because I realy miss House Party lot amenities so much. And found they are really good merging with stores that appeared with Unleashed. To be honest I don't like Unleashed stores in Downtown at all. But unless they do not supplant House Party items, I decided to keep them both. And share what it has become.
But now I also feel that I need to share it as close to House Party version as possible. So there might be a bunch of updates of rar archive on the way. I expect no more then 5 in total.
I just found another mistake in one lot. rar file was replaced.