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6th Jan 2022, 10:43 PM
Yes! Yes!
This is a homework mode for the sims1 lazy kids
I'm kidding - they are not lazy, they are just bored to death! :heyhey:


I found out that I have nothing necessary to give my kids to do after school.
They eat, they play a bit, and watch TV.
But there is no really a challenge for me to care my kids, especially after I made this mode: LessDecay Plant (https://modthesims.info/showthread.php?p=5802461&posted=1#post5802461&cb=1641502587)

(you will only have to do that 1 time for each family, only if you feel this mode caused some bugs)
It may cause some problems in your game
The best thing to do after installing this mode is to delete all your sims with "move_objects on" cheat
and then click n them again (they will just be restart as default)
And then this mode will work better after that.!

So - It took me a long time to create this mode,
I hope you will like it:

You will see the process of doing homework above your sim
(Like when they learn a new interest point)

The percent always will show

When a kid finish doing homework they will get 1 of 2 messages

a kid only can do his/her homework!
(it took me a long time figure it out how to do that, thanks to 4key doors I found the way)

After 3 school days - homework wont be effective,
kids still can do them but it won't give them benefits

Kids that didn't made their homework will get 1 of this 3 messages on 10:00 AM:
And they won't get a 1+ school point!

each kid can have up to have 3 relevant homework:
They will have 72 hours to complete their homework
but weekands & holidays won't count so it will work with calendars (when school bus won't come)


Kids who didn't made their homework 3 time in a row -> will stay up to 18:00 to complete their school tasks:


sorry fot the 2 busses ... I will try to fix it someday :D :cry:

New files for this mode to work:

ReplacementCarPortal -> will raplace the original car portal in the game!!!
homework skins

you can put those files in DOWNLOAD folder (in subfolder too, it will work)
:!!: the skins of the homework put in skins

DOWNLOAD HOMEWORK MODE (https://www.mediafire.com/file/oicjb0c973uz7n1/homeworkmode.zip/file)