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7th May 2009, 6:24 PM
The ‘Perfect Student’ Challenge

The last year of your teenager life is coming up. A whole lot of exams, pressure and career advise is coming up. But are you a perfect student?

The Challenge

Create a teenage sim, of any gender, in CAS. Give them any aspiration.
The goal is for your sim to get as many scholarships, good grades, promotions etc before they go off to college.


Not many really…

- Your teen can do pretty much anything but HAS to attend everyday of school or work.
- No cheating, including downloads that give you max skills in a click
- You are allowed cheats for money, but not for anything else.

(Some more maybe soon)


- Receive a new scholarship + 250 (each)
-Max A skill or hobby + 250
-Receive any badges + 200
-Get into a private school + 500
-Passes out – 100
-Little Accident –50
-Best friend +200
-Promotion +150
-Every A (+ or –) for each day +50
-Every B (+ or -) for each day +25
-Every C (+ or -) for each day +10
-Every D (+ or -) for each day –50
-Every skill not learnt from book (i.e. cooking a meal or cleaning a surface) +100
-1 point for every pound towards College via scholarships
-Sneak out + 50
-Getting caught from sneak out by parent or police – 200
-Prank emergency calls – 100
-Every ‘going steady’ + 250
-First Kiss + 50
-Growing up and moving to college + 1000

Quite a simple challenge but I hope you enjoy.
Post pictures!

8th May 2009, 8:29 AM
When I get home from training tonight, I'm trying this. Perhaps I'll do it with one of my Build-a-City Challenge families. Can I use an already established teen, or must it be a CAS teen with a family?
If I can't use a normally established teen, can I just make a teen grow up from baby but have them not learn skills or earn badges?

I don't see why I couldn't use an established family, but if you say I can't, I don't mind.

8th May 2009, 3:55 PM
Sure! Any kind of teen is fine.
This challenge is really flexible (i.e. not many rules).