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Chapter 2: So We Meet Again
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Chapter 2: So We Meet Again (Judi's Perspective)

As I returned home, I thought about how pleasant my day was, what nice people I met, and that guy. That guy is just stuck in my head. His smile, his beautiful tan skin, his muscular body. He’s pure eye candy!

Well I guess I’ll grab a bite to eat and turn in!

Next Day:

I wake up to the annoying alarm clock “BEEP, BEEP, BEEP”. Ughhh so annoying, but I’m super ready to start my first day at work.

After I shower and brush my teeth I decide to grab a bit of breakfast before heading out.

10 minutes later the carpool’s here, and its time to go.

6 Hours Later…..

Whewww my first day was hard work, all the phones ringing off the hook, people are constantly calling my name and asking for things, “Judi do this, Judi do that,” this stuff can drive a person crazy. All in all I had a decent day.

So as I’m walking out, there he is. The guy from yesterday. Looking just as good as the day before. I can definitely feel myself swooning over him. Then he approaches me again as if he’s known me for years.

“Judi how are you”
I slightly stutter
“Oook I guess”

“Just Ok” he asked.

“Yes” I said, “Ok”

“Well alright, I guess that works, but umm yesterday I was wanting to ask you something but I didn’t want to be too forward”

“What is it” I asked.

“I was wondering if I could possibly have your number, so I could call you sometime.”

“Well, I guess you could have it, but this doesn‘t mean we‘re dating or anything.”

“Ohh no, I wouldn’t assume something like that, I just wanna get to know you better.”

“Alright” I said “I have to go now.”

“Ok, I’ll be calling you soon” Jiromi replied.

As I walked away I felt this tingling sensation in my stomach, I don’t know whether it was excitement or nervousness, but I kinda liked it.

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Back to: The Life and Times Of Judi Osaka**UPDATED CHAPTER 8 & 9---> [7/9/11]** Next: Chapter 3: The Conversation
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