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Chapter 8: Questions Answered
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I'm sorry it took me so long to update, school, my son, and then I had to remake Judi and Jiromi! It's been hectic, but I have gotten back at it. I know this update is kind of short, but there is more to come, most likely by tomorrow evening! Enjoy


Chapter 8: Questions Answered

“ We did your pregnancy test and the results came out negative”

Judi thought she would jump for joy after she heard those words.

“ Thank you Dr. Basco, you have really made my day!” she said happily. “ And another thing, do you think you could write me a prescription for some kind of birth control pills?”

“Will do Ms. Osaka, and I’ll forward it to your pharmacy, so all you have to do is pick it up.”

“Thank you so much Dr. Basco.” She said and quickly hung up

Later that day Judi quickly picked up her pills from the pharmacy and took the first pill, she felt a sense of relief. Now she knew she was somewhat protected from pregnancy until she was ready to be a mother. Dr. Basco also advised that she not have any kind of unprotected sex for at least on week. He advised that she invest in a nice pack of condoms.

When Judi arrived back home from picking up her pills, she immediately called Jiromi. She had a feeling he had called, and she also remembered they were suppose to spend the night together.

“Hello” said Jiromi sleepily.

“I’m sorry babe did I wake you up, I thought we were spending the night together tonight?” Judi said sweetly.

“We sure were weren’t we, I forgot, I have a little business to handle tonight. Can we do it tomorrow, you can even come over bright and early and we can spend the whole day and night together.”

Judi was a bit disappointed, but she decided to take his offer

“Ok babe, well I hope you have a good night and get everything take care of.”

“ Thanks sweety, I knew you’d understand.” he said.

“Well just call me in the morning when you want me to come over and I’ll be over ok.”

“Ok sweetheart, talk to you tomorrow. Bye”

Judi hung up the phone and wondered what she would do for the rest of the night. It was only 7:30, and she knew she wasn’t the type of person to crash early on a Friday night, so she decided to step out to one of the neighborhood night clubs.

She jumped in the shower, brushed her teeth and went into her bedroom to try and find something sexy to wear. She knew she was taken, but she still liked to look her best. After countless minutes of debating between a black and pink sequin dress and a gold shimmer dress. She finally chose the gold shimmer. With her outfit looking great, Judi stepped out to hit the club.

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