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Chapter 9: Unraveling
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Chapter 9: Unraveling

When she arrived at the club, she decided to get a drink to try and loosen herself up a bit. She felt a little bad that she was out having fun while Jiromi was out doing business. As she sat enjoying her drink, she noticed a beautiful blond girl staring at her as if something was wrong. She just blew her off, and kept enjoying herself. She figured the girl was just jealous or something.

After she downed her drink, Judi decided to hit the dance floor, she swayed and dipped, and found herself having a really good time. When she was done dancing, she decided to go back to the bar and get a bite to eat. That’s when she noticed the blonde approaching her. She walked up to her and said

“You’d better be careful” she said cautiously

Judi looked puzzled not quite understanding what she meant

“Be careful about what.” Judi said puzzled

“Just listen to me, and be careful about the people in your life,” with that the beautiful blonde walked out and left.

The whole walk home, Judi thought and thought about what the woman had said. She didn’t know what she was talking about, maybe she was just crazy, she thought to herself. When Judi entered her house she decided to hit the sack. She was tired from all the dancing and now her mind was swirling with the pictures of that blondes face. Repeating to her over and over again,

“You’d better be careful.”

The Next Day:

Judi was awoken by the ring of her cellphone. She knew it was Jiromi.

“Hello,” She said sleepily.

“Hey sweety, you ready to come spend the day with your man?”

“Of course I am, I have some crazy things to tell you about to,” she said.

“Well alright, just get your pretty little self over here, I miss you”

“Aww I miss you to, I’m on my way.”

With that she hung up the phone and began packing her overnight bag. When she finally arrived at Jiromi’s apartment, she ran up to him and gave him a huge hug. She missed him a lot over the last few days. He scooped her up and took her into his house. He layed her on his bed and proceeded to taking off all of her clothes. This time she stopped him and said.

“Babe we have to use protection this time because, I just got on birth control and the doctor told me I should be extra careful until it takes affect fully.” She said nervously.

“That’s fine sweetheart, I have some in my bathroom, I’ll go get one.” He said

When Jiromi walked into the bathroom, he looked for the box of condoms he’d purchased not too long ago. He took all the condoms out the box, found two needles and proceeded to poking holes in all the condoms.

“She’s going to have my babies rather she likes it or not” he said with an evil grin.

He walked into the bedroom and they made love all into the afternoon.

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