Sinte Esmeralda
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In the year 2025 Scientists and Governments around the world approved a procedure called PGD, Pre-Implantation Genetic Diagnosis. It had been introduced in the early 2000s but because of Religious and Moral groups, the project had been put on hold. The program was initially created to eliminate disease, birth defects, mental and physical disorders. But scientists took it one step further. They created the 'Designer Baby' program. Parents could choose eye color, hair color, skin color, temperament, sex, traits. Everyone could have the perfect child, exactly the way they wanted It.

Only the rich were able to afford this luxury, which also disposed of another obstacle they no longer would have to deal with, the poor. So the world through the years 2027 to 2075, was perfect. There were no wars, no political heists, just perfection.

What the Heads of Body and Scientists were not expecting, was that the genes they had so carefully crafted, were rebelling.


Now the 21st century . Sinte Esmeralda stands looking out over the city. Her senses heightened by the feel of his essence. Her hunger beckoning her to feed. The man smiles at her, lights her cigarette for her, offers her a drink. He's speaking to her, but she can't hear his words. He leans in for a kiss and she lets him. Her body tingles and comes alive at his touch. She places both her hands on either side of his face and begins feeding on his essence. She should stop, she has taken enough, but it has been so long, so very long. She takes in one last, deep, delicious, breath, watching as his limp body falls at her feet....

Sinte checked for a pulse on the young man lying on the ground. There wasn't one. She let out a deep sigh and walked to the edge of the roof, pulling out a cigarette and lighting it. She took a long draw and inhaled deeply. The cool, night air comforted her, assured her. Alone was a good place to be. No one to answer to, no one to disappoint . It made it easier for her to find her salvation on nights like these. She didn't need to reason or beg forgiveness. The night was always a tender mistress.

She felt badly for the man that now lay dead. He had just chosen the wrong path to cross tonight, her path. She had begun to control her hunger as of late, but sometimes she would go too long, and when she did, this is what happened. She would, of course, have to move again. As soon as the Vanguard found the dead body they would know it was her and they would come looking. She checked the tiny pocket on the inside of her corset, fumbling around until she found what she was looking for. Pulling a small capsule out. She held it under the moon light, twirling it between her thumb and forefinger. Shrugging, she put it back in it's place, wondering what to do next.

She would go to Micheal, he would know what to do, he always knew what to do.

She took the last draw off her cigarette, throwing the butt to the ground, grinding it out with the heel of her boot. Jumping to the fire escape ladder she quickly descended to the city streets below. It wasn't hard to disappear here.

She walked the mile or so to where Micheal lived, staying off the roads as much as possible. From where she was, all she had to do was follow the river. Michael had bought an old , boarded up factory lot. It had been cheap and as he said 'hopefully inconspicuous'.

Sinte came to the road crossing leading to Micheals' house and ran quickly across. There was no need to knock, Micheal always left the door open.

She quietly walked up the steps. There was a light coming from the corner of the room. She walked towards it, finding Micheal sitting behind the desk.

"Hello Sin".


Sinte watched as Micheals' muscled back rose and fell as he took a deep breath.

He switched the computer off and stood, turning to face her.

"You've fed".

Sinte hung her head.

"It was an accident, i went too long, i thought i would be ok but..."

Micheal swore under his breath.

"How did you know?", Sinte asked, but she wasn't sure why, he just always knew.

"I can smell the death of a soul, same as i can smell the renewing of one, and right now you reek of both."

Michael began pacing the floor.

"We had a deal Sin, you can feed off me, i can take the release, i can even stop you if i need to, other people can't, you know that".

"I know", Sinte answered in a small voice.

Micheal walked towards her, backing her against the bed post.

"I swear to god Sin i believe you enjoy it. I think you enjoy the thrill of finding a victim , seducing them into a false sense of security, then sucking the life out of them. It's a god dammed game to you. I, for one, am getting tired of covering for your ass, having to move every 3 months, changing names, making new connections. You don't think about the people you hurt around you, all you care about is getting what you want, how it makes you feel."

Micheal pushed himself away from her, disgusted.

"So are you going to help me or not".

Micheal sighed, running his hands through his hair.

"Go take a shower and get changed, i'll see what i can do".

The water was hot and soothing. She stood under it unmoving, letting it wash away her thoughts, her fear, her pain.

As she rummaged through the duffel bag of clothing she always had at Micheals' house, she heard him talking on the phone.

Shame over came her. He was wrong. It's wasn't a game to her, it was a way of life . She had to feed to survive. The last time she had fed off Micheal she had become reckless and was too comfortable, Micheal was in bed for a week, barely even able to take himself to the bathroom.

The last thing she wanted to do was hurt the only real friend she had in the world, the only person who truly cared.

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Chapter 5 'First Encounter'

Sinte had learned from Indie that Soul Leeches and Seers often hooked up in pairs or groups. Leeches can feed from Seers with them having no adverse effects, in fact, Seers get quite a 'high' from being fed off of, which was why often it leads to other things, usually something of the sexual persuasion.
She watched people come and go, trying to tap into that 'feeling' Michael said she should have. A few times, with
certain people, she did feel a bit tingly when they were close, but she couldn't put her finger on what was causing
the sensation, she was guessing it was their essence she was feeling.
She was beginning to feel the effects of the 3 drinks she had now had and the music was thumping in her ears, she would
very much like to go some place quieter but didn't dare leave without Indie.
She walked up to the bar and motioned for the bartender.

"Is there somewhere in this building i can go and get away from the noise a little?"

The bartender pointed to a set of steps to the right of the bar.

She thanked him and headed towards them. It led to a small lounge. Much, much quieter. She walked over to one of
the sofas and had a seat in the corner, corners were her favorite place to be now days, safe and out of the lime light.
There were a few people in the lounge with her but they didn't seem to notice or mind that she was there. Some were talking, some were doing ...other things. She sank deeper down into the sofa, laying her head back and closing her eyes.

A vague picture began in her head. People running, crying, pleading for help. A small boy sat underneath of a porch, he had streaks of dirt on his face, his clothes were dirty and torn. His heartbeat was loud in his ears, he was terrified. He could see people running, he wanted to run too but his mother told him no matter what happened to stay put, she had 'cloaked' him, as long as he sat still no one could see him or hurt him. Someone fell, just a few feet from where he was, it was his father. He looked at the boy, mouthed the words 'it's ok' . The boy watched as a bright blue beam hit his father in the back, then watched as a Saturist took the light from his eyes. The boy wanted to scream , he wanted run, to help his father, instead, too afraid to move, he just sat there staring.

He didn't know how long he had sat there, it was raining now. The screaming and crying had long since stopped. He slowly crawled out, taking care to look as he did. There were bodies everywhere, none had light in their eyes anymore. He sank down to the ground where his father was. He carefully wrapped his little arms around the body, laying his head on the back of his shoulders and began rocking. His mother had told him once that he could do anything if he tried hard enough. The boy was trying with all he had in him to bring the light back to his fathers eyes.
He squeezed his eyes tighter, trying harder, until finally falling upon his father, crying, exhausted. A warm hand touched his back and lifted him up.
He looked into eyes so familiar to Sinte, it was Michael. Michael gathered the small boy in his arms and walked away.

Sinte sat up with a start, her heart pounding in her chest, tears spilling out over her cheeks. There was a noise in front of her making her jump.
There a man sat, backwards in a chair, looking at her. He was quite young, had striking features, and those eyes, so sad. She sat up, trying to gain her composure.

"Did you give me a dream?"

He nodded at her.

"Were you that little boy?"

Again he nodded to her. Sinte laid her hand on top of his, staring at him for the longest time. It wasn't an uncomfortable silence, nor was it particularly awkward. He played with her fingers, looking at each one like it was the most facinating thing he had ever seen. It brought a smile to Sintes' lips. He turned her hand over, drawing circles in her palm.He stood up abruptly, kissed her hand and left.
Sinte held her hand and stared at the door he left through.

"That's Lock", came a voice, bringing her back to her senses.

"I'm sorry?"

The woman walked to where she was, sitting down beside her on the sofa.

"I'm Arizona, and the guy you were just talking to, that was Lock".


They shook hands.

"So yea, don't let Lock frighten you, he doesn't mean to really, he doesn't speak so he will tell you things in your head. It's a little weird to get used to but it's not so bad".

"I wasn't frightened so much as taken aback, so is Lock a Psy?"

Arizona nodded. "Yes, he is one of the good ones, there are a couple you will just want to keep your distance from."

"Like Lotus?"

Arizona laughed. "Oh no, you have already been exposed to the great Lotus circus!"

"Not personally, i just seen an episode, i think that would be the right thing to call it, Arizona, you said?"

"Ari please, really, this is not an exaggeration, Lotus can be really nasty and she doesn't need a reason at all to set it off, even if she seems to be sweet and wanting to talk, excuse yourself the minute you can, if your a man your relatively safe, if your a woman you can count on getting screwed with".

Sinte nodded, pondering Aris' warning.

"So what are you? "

"A Soul Leech, you?"

"I'm a Naturalist, Locks' mother was one also".

Sinte had never heard of a Naturalist and was completely intrigued. "What do Naturalists do?"

She listened as Ari explained the abilities of Naturalists. Their ' abilities' were rather like clever eye tricks.
They could make one see or not see something for a short amount of time. Ari , as an example, made Sinte
a glowing, floating, pink sphere that only she could see. No matter how she turned her head, or moved her eyes, the
sphere was still there. Sinte could touch it and feel the energy from it, but Ari swore it wasn't there. She loved Aris' easy nature, and friendliness. She was so animated when telling a story or making a point, it was refreshing. Sinte found herself actually relaxing for the first time in weeks, and enjoying the stressless company of someone.

"Sinte, time for us to go".

She looked towards the sound of the voice calling her, knowing it was Indie.
She looked regretfully at Ari, not really wanting to go, she was enjoying their talk.
Sinte stood and was rocked back when Ari threw her arms around her in a hug. Sinte smiled and hugged her back.

"It was so nice meeting you, i hope we have the fortune of running into one another other again".

"Me too Ari, and thank you."

Sinte followed Indie down the steps and through the club. He was stopped a couple of times, engaging in short
conversations before leading them outside. The night was chilly and she shivered as a cold wind traveled up her spine.
The pink, floating sphere caught her eye, it had followed her, she couldn't help but smile. She glanced up at Indie who was
studying her. She was surprised when he bent over and gave her a tender kiss on her lips. He took hold of her hand and they began the walk home.

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