Chapter 7 Cadence
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Chapter 7 Cadence

Sinte had become a regular at the club, which she found out the name to be "The Blind Side".
Although Sinte and never said anything to anyone, and to her knowledge, neither had Indie, most seemed to know
they were together.
Ari had become a great friend and she always looked forward to their talks. Lock was elusive, she hadn't seen him since that
one night, but was told he would be back, that he was a bit of a loner, but frequently visited Michael.
She rarely ever seen Indie while at the club, leaving her to her own devices.
This night she was surprised to see Indie walking towards her after only having been at the club for a couple of hours.
She stood up to meet him, not noticing the figure walking behind him. He kissed her on the cheek and motioned for her to sit, he
himself sitting down across from her.

"There is someone i'd like for you to meet".

She then seen a woman step out from behind him. She recognized the woman as being the one who had approached Indie
the first night she had came to the club. Sinte extended her hand.


The woman looked to Indie then back at Sinte nodding. "Cadence".

Sinte sat down at the table, looking to Indie. He looked a bit uncomfortable. He took her hand, patting it as he rose from the chair.

"I'll leave you two alone, i have to go see some people".

She watched him disappear up the stairs then turned her attention to Cadence. She was definately feeling this one, and not in a good way.
She cleared her throat and smiled.

"I've seen you around here".

Cadence leaned her elbows on the table, inching a little closer to Sinte.

"Yea, i've been around, been here a lot longer than you".

Sinte couldn't help but feel a little uneasy, she had an inkling this was not going to go well.

"You probably have, I've not been coming here very long, maybe a couple of months.".

She watched as Cadence chewed on the straw from her drink.

"Look, let's just cut the bullshit ".

'Here it comes', Sinte thought.

"The fact is you have something i want, that should have been mine all along and was heading there until you showed up". Cadence
pulled a cigarette pack from her pocket, offering Sinte one. She took one, lighting it with a shaky hand.

"I'm not quite sure what your talking about", Sinte said blowing out smoke, although she was pretty sure she had a good idea
where the conversation was going.

"Indie", Cadence said simply, "I want Indie".

Sinte looked at her smiling. "I think Indie can make up his own mind, don't you?"

Cadence frowned, taking a drink. She stared at Sinte for a long while before speaking. "I've fed from Indie, as i'm sure you have, and you
know where that tends to lead."

Sinte nodded. "Usually, yes, i'm sure Indie is no stranger to being fed from, he has high stamina and .....a very sweet essence".

"Yea, well, since you've been coming around he's turned me down for feeding several times and seems to get agitated when i ask,
which makes me a very unhappy girl".

"Then ask someone else, there are other Seers".

"Why don't you feed from someone else, Indie has been mine since i have been coming here, almost 3 years now, you don't
just walk in and take over Sinte, there's a pecking order and right now your way out of line".

Sinte put out her cigarette and got up from the table, leaning down towards Cadence. "I don't tell Indie what he can and can not
do, if he's letting only me feed, then that's his choice, not mine. Want to know what i think? I think you were not the only one
that was feeding from Indie and you couldn't handle it, i also think you wore out your welcome with him way before i came along.
I know others have, are and will continue to feed from him, he's very giving. Others feeding from him and having sex with him does not bother me,
it's the nature of his beast, just know, that at the end of the day, he brings what's important home to me".

Sinte felt a flush hot on her face as she walked away, feeling Cadences' stare on her back.

"How'd it go boss", Michael said patting Indie on the back. Both men watching as Sinte stormed to out back of the club.
Indie smiled at Michael. "Very good i would say, Cadence didn't start screaming and Sinte didn't punch her out".
Michael laughed, tears forming in his eyes as he did. "I wish that we could all have your troubles old friend".
Indie joined in his laughter, shaking his head. Michael wiped at his eyes, still smiling.

"You know, if we can just get them not to hate each other we'll be flying high".
Indie nodded in agreement. "Yea, that's a big if, what would be the harm in sitting them both down and just explaining to them
the way things are?"
Michael shook his head. "Wouldn't work Indie, they would try for the cause but would end up fighting each other, and if you've
never seen two Leeches fight, trust me, you don't want to. They would probably kill each other and take a few innocents with them
along the way, too risky".

"No, this way the decesion is not up to them, it's up to you. At worst they will just despise each other and avoid each other like the plague.
And i've known you long enough to see that you've already made up your mind".

Indie nodded, catching sight of Cadence as she stood staring at him.

Cadence stared longingly at Indie, he simply took her breath away. Why wouldn't he take what she felt for him seriously? She had told him
she loved him over two years ago, all he would say was 'I'm sorry, i don't feel the same way', he wouldn't even give them a chance!
How could he not feel something for her! Now that Sinte has entered the picture she would never have another chance. She walked out to the back
of the building and lit a cigarette, her hands shaking, insides churning. She wasn't going to give up, not now. She knew she could make Indie
feel good if he would just let her, she could make him love her. The problem was getting him away from Sinte long enough to try and talk some sense into him.
Of course she knew none of this was really Sintes' fault, she hated her none the less, she was interfering , something Cadence wouldn't allow.
Putting out her cigarette, she slowly walked inside. A hand touched her arm as she entered the lounge. She looked up to find Lotus standing in front of her.

"It Seems we have a like problem you and I", Lotus said.

Cadence rolled her eyes. "What do you want Lotus, i'm really not in the mood for your shit tonight".

Lotus laughed, flipping her long, auburn hair over her shoulder. "Oh come now Cade, I'm offering to help you, I can do that can't I?"

"I don't know what your talking about, and you've never 'wanted' to help anyone in your little selfish life".

Lotus leaned in close almost whispering. "I also want rid of the other Leech, you i can tolerate, barely, she I can not."

Cadence watched as a slow smile spread across Lotus' face. "What do you want Lotus, I don't want your riddles or to play any games, I just want
Sinte gone".

"Oh, I think you will enjoy this game, follow, we have some planning to do".

Lock watched Lotus and Cadence walk out of the club. He had seen them talking, knowing that one or both were up to no good. Michael would
have to know about this.

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