Deadly Games
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Sinte closed her eyes, letting the hot water cascade down over her shoulders, rinsing the soap away. Relunctantly, she turned the knobs off, stepping out and drying off.

Still fuming over the whole Cadence incident, she walked out of the bathroom, finding Indie leaning against the bar. "What the hell was that all about?"

Indie shrugged. "Your both Leeches, thought it may help if you both had a friend, and i thought since you already had something in common
it would be good idea, apparently I was wrong".

"Apparently", she echoed, sitting on the floor near the window.

There was a suttle breeze drifting through, she closed her eyes letting it carress her face. Indie walked over sitting on the floor next to her. He linked
his pinky finger around hers and looked out over the city.

"Do you allow others to feed from you?"

"I used to".

"You don't anymore?"

Indie shook his head, turning to look at her. "No".

Sinte laid her chin on her knees, looking at their hands, touching the end of her thumb to his. He lifted her chin with his finger, leaning in,
he began placing soft kisses across her face. She sighed, loving the feel of his lips on her skin.

"You know you've made the monster angry by not letting her feed".

Indie smiled, leaning his back against the bed and pulling her down on top of him. "I've only ever let her feed twice, my mistake was not controlling my urges better and letting it
go too far once".

Sinte traced his lips with her finger, catching her breath as he slid his hand up the inside of her thigh, stopping at her center, gently stroking.

"Do you hunger?", he asked, giving her a lazy smile.

"Oh.....", he said softly as she took a bit of his essence with a kiss.

"Do you?", she asked teasing, taking more of him.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, rolling over so he was on top of her. "Yes", he answered, covering her mouth with his own.


Michael looked at Lock concerned. "Are you sure?"

Lock nodded, pointing out the window that looked over the club. He walked over, following the direction of Locks' finger.

There standing in the corner was his worst nightmare, Cadence and Lotus, talking. They had apparently been having these "little meetings' for the past couple of days.
This couldn't be good, and if he was to guess, he reckoned it was over Sinte. He sighed, this was going to complicate things and push into
action a plan that he was hoping would be avoided by introducing Cadence and Sinte but that seemed to have back fired.
He just couldn't figure out who the culprit was, Cadence or Lotus.
Both women were very skilled in the 'conniving' department. He walked to his desk, tapping his fingers.

"We need Sinte, she's the stronger Leech, she also regrets, which means she will be able to have boundries. Cadence is too selfish and immoral,
we can do without her, i should have stuck with my instincts , she was too much of a rogue to take chances with, that was
my first mistake, my second," he paused, rubbing his hand across his forehead, "was even looking at Lotus, now she has become a huge threat,
not only to Sinte and Cadence but to the whole community".

Lock scrunched his nose at Michael and made an 'o' with his hand.

Michael laughed. "You are correct, it would seem i have a weakness for dangerous, beautiful women".

Michael closed his eyes as Lock sent him pictures and words . He nodded. "You and i only, no one else, make sure everyone, even the
bartender is gone before you start, this needs to be quick and as least messy as possible, I need to contact Indie, we have to make a quick trip out,
keep the situation under control the best you can until we're back". He watched as Lock nodded and went out the door.

Michael leaned his head on his hand, struggling to understand the information Lock had given him earlier. Lock and Lotus' genes had both
come from a place called Barclay Labs. He didn't know much about them except that they liked to 'mix things up'. They were supposed
to be cutting edge on manufacturing prescise genes. Recently Locks' genes had began mutating again, which meant that Lotus' may be as well.
Lock didn't quite understand everything that was happening to him but instead of just being able to convey thoughts, he was also now able to
physically move objects with his mind. If this was also the case with Lotus, she would have a jump on Lock, she was several years older which
meant she would have much more control and be much stronger. She would also have a greater understanding of what she's capable of.
Her genes would have began mutating a few years ago, when she would have been around Locks' current age.

Frowning, Michael got up from his desk walking towards the window as he dialed Indies' cell.
This had not turned out to be the evening he was hoping he'd have.

Indie struggled awake as the ringing continued. He sat up, feeling around him for his cell. Finally finding it, he pushed the talk button.

"Yea", he answered groggily.

Sinte had woken up, slinking her way over to Indie, laying her head in his lap.

"Hey Mike, what's up?"

She listened to Indie talk. She was beginning to be able to tell by the tone of his voice what his conversations were about and on this one
he was sounding troubled. He was stroking her hair, letting his hand rest on the back of her head when he spoke.

"I'll be there in twenty", he said hanging up the reciever.

Sinte groaned, pulling on his hand as he started to get up. "Do you have to go?"

He bent over, kissing her on the cheek. "Yes".

She watched as he threw on some jeans and a tee. "Maybe i can come with you?"

Indie shook his head. "Not this time Sin".

She immediately was concerned. This was only the second time he had said she couldn't go with him. The first time there had been a huge fight
when a group of rogues had gone into the club. He had said afterwards having her go with him that night may have been the better idea,that she could have helped.
The door shut and she lay there looking at the ceiling. What if she could help this time? She was debating when the phone rang.

"Hello", she answered.

"Sinte?", the voice asked on the other end.


"I need to speak to Indie."

Sinte then recogonized the voice, it was Cadence. "Indie had to go meet with some possible 'ins', i'll let him know you called." She repeated the
words Indie had told her to say to Cadence if she ever called. She didn't much like the lying, but then again, she didn't know that that's not what he was doing.
There was a long pause on the other end of the phone.

"Sinte, i know were not the best of friends but i'm unable to find Michael or Indie right now and i've gotten myself into a bit of a jam, think you could help me out?
I don't have anyone else i can call and there's this prick standing in front of me who won't let me move until he gets the 150 bucks i owe him.
I can have it back to you by the weekend."

Sinte thought on it. The money wasn't a problem, both Indie and Michael had cash stashed for emergencies. Everyone knew that Cadence often turned to
drugs and most of the time bought from the streets. She reckoned Cadence either owed for the drugs or had borrowed from someone to get them. She was trying to
think of what Michael or Indie would do and decided that even though they may hesitate and give her a lecture, they would probably bail her out. Besides, it couldn't have
been easy for her to ask Sinte for help.

"Your at the club?"

"Yea, outside around the back"

"Be there as soon as i throw some clothes on".

Sinte smiled to herself as she grabbed some money from a box on top of the counter and headed out the door. She had never been asked
for help before, it felt...good. In the past she was the one always asking, maybe it was time she started giving back.

Cadence smirked at Lotus as she pushed the end talk button. "Your not going to believe our luck", she started, "While Michael and Indie are out trying to
save the world, guess who's walking right into the spiders' web?"

Lotus threw back her head back and laughed. "Why precious little Sinte i'm guessing, this is going to be so much easier than expected".

Both stood laughing and discussing how would be the best way to 'eliminate' Sinte. So much so that neither noticed the figure lurking in the shadows.
Lock stood staring, his mind racing, his heart pounding. He had been here before, but as a child. He was no longer a child and didn't appreciate that
both Cadence and Lotus seen that taking anothers life was nothing more than a game to them. He had not been able to stop it as a boy, but as a man
he would do whatever it took to save anothers life, even if it meant the loss of his own.

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