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Sinte had made the short walk to the club in record time. The place was almost empty, actually it was empty, then again it was almost four in the morning.
She rounded the corner to the back of the building to find Cadence leaned up against the wall. She searched through her pockets as she neared her, holding out a wad of money. " I brought two hundred just in case".

Cadence took the money, flipping through it. She took a cigarette out of the pack in her pocket, lighting it. Sinte stood there waiting, for what she didn't know. A thank you would have been nice, but then again this was Cadence. Finally shrugging, she turned and began walking away. Suddenly a wave of nausea over came her and her head began to pound. She dropped to her knees, watching as Cadence walked around in front of her. She looked around wildly as everything began to spin.

"What's the matter Sinte, not feeling well?", Cadence cooed.

She tried to answer but found she couldn't even speak. She heard the clacking of heals and looked up to see Lotus stopping to stand behind Cadence.

"I told you you were over stepping your boundaries didn't I?"

Having said that, Cadence drew back, slapping her hard across the face. Sinte toppled over, landing her back on the cold concrete. Cadence straddled her, flicking her cigarette towards the grass. Leaning forward, she grabbed a handful of her hair.

"People like you make me sick Sinte. You think your better than anyone else, go around taking whatever you want when you want it. It's time you had consequences."

Sinte tried to call out, but couldn't, she couldn't even move to defend herself when Cadence began hitting her in the face with her fists. Lotus walked around her, kicking her, taking her heel grinding it into her hand until it broke through skin.

She wasn't sure how long they continued her beating, 10 maybe 15 minutes, she had lost track of time and consciousness once but Lotus brought her back.

"Finish this", Lotus finally said impatiently, "I'm beginning to tire and she's becoming harder to hold, you've had your fun, and i don't want to be anywhere near when Michael comes back".

Cadence shot Lotus a look. "Very well", she said leaning in close to Sinte, "That pretty little face is not so pretty any more is it?". Cadence placed her mouth over Sintes', kissed her, then began taking her essence. Sinte felt as though someone was pulling her lungs and heart out through her mouth and she could no longer breathe.

"Die bitch", Cadence sneered.

Just as everything was going black, she heard Cadence cursing and then a loud thud. After a few minutes of lying there Sinte found she was able to move, barely . Cadence was lying curled up in a ball at her feet and someone had Lotus by the throat, her feet dangling in the air. Sinte struggled to sit up. She watched as Cadence began crawling towards whomever had Lotus. Sinte squinted her eyes trying better to see, it was Lock who had Lotus, his hands were no longer touching her but she was still dangling in the air, gasping for breath. Watching, she seen Cadence, who had been slowly moving towards Lotus and Lock, pull something from her pocket. The silvery blade shimmered in the moon light, she had a knife.

"Lock", Sinte tried to warn, but it was too late. She watched as Cadence jammed the knife into Locks' left shoulder blade. Lock stumbled to the side, his right shoulder slamming hard into the glass door. Cadence quickly threw herself down on him and began taking his essence. Sinte started crawling towards them, her entire body arguing with every movement. She glanced over at Lotus who was now lying on the ground but still struggling to breathe. As she approached them she lifted the half of brick she had picked up, and with everything she had left in her she brought it down, hitting Cadence in the middle of her back.
She screamed, falling forward off of of Lock. He sat up, leaning on his elbows coughing and sputtering. Sinte then started making her way towards Lotus, around the table. Lotus had regained herself and was laughing like a mad person.

Locks' body smashed up against the brick wall, the look of pain on his face unmistakable. Cadence stood up and imediately grabbed her chest. She looked at Lotus with a confused expression.

"You thought you were an exception in this little plan?", she said as she slid her legs beneath her. "No, your not, your expendable, always were ".

"Lotus stop!", Michael yelled as he and Indie burst out the door.

Sintes' eyes met Indies'. The look on his face was pained as he looked at her. She continued crawling around the table towards Lotus. Catching Michaels' gaze, he nodded to her.

"Michael, Indie, welcome to the party!", Lotus said cheerily, "You were not supposed to see this but my partner in crime dropped the ball, they always do, I don't know why I didn't just do it myself but I thought I could kill two birds with one stone, now it looks like i can get three!"

Michael held his hands up, walking slowly towards her. "Look Lotus, you really don't want to do this".

Lotus forced a giggle. "Oh Michael, Michael. I gave you the world in me, still you continue to put these 'children' above me, now you will lose them. I'm sorry you have to learn such a harsh lesson. Maybe now you will treat me as you should have been treating me all along and appreciate the powers I possess. I will run the club from now on and I will make the decisions and rules. I am the only woman you need, or will ever need or will ever have, first rule."

Cadence fell forward face first to the ground, still clutching her chest. Lock still sat, back to the wall, his body now limp, head hanging to his chest.

"Stop!", Lotus screamed as Indie started walking towards Lock.

She wagged her finger at him. "Indie, you too need to learn this lesson. I have not yet decided what to do with you but the thought of both you and Michael servicing me....... you know.."she said putting her finger to her chin, "this is actually turning out perfectly. It's not as I planned but it's all coming together nicely, finally I'll get all of what I deserve!"

As Cadences' body began shuttering with convulsions, Lotus looked over, it was the distraction Sinte needed. She grabbed Lotus by the hair, taking her to her knees and pulling her face to look at her. Without a second thought, Sinte placed her lips on Lotus taking her essence. The look in her eyes was pure fear. Lotus begain flailing, scratching and hitting Sinte but to no avail, Sinte was locked on and not letting go until the body before her fell. She felt someone trying to pull her off Lotus but she wouldn't stop, she couldn't stop. She could hear voices around her, see movement from the corner of her eyes. At last, Lotus went limp.

Sinte fell to her hands and knees, spitting out a mouth full of blood. Warm hands were lifting her. Involuntarily she groaned, pain setting in her body. She looked up and saw Indie, then darkness.

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