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Micheal was livid, Indie could sense it. It was more than just the Superlabs situation, it took a lot to put him in one of these moods. He watched as Micheal walked to stand in front of the one way window that looked out over the club. Indie leaned against the wall, watching the large crowd that had already gathered. The club had been out of commission for going on two months and everyone seemed to be showing up in support of the reopening. Micheal moved slightly to get a better view, staring out at the mass of people.

"I can't feel them, they have no fear, no guilt or remorse about what they are doing.....but they are here, I can taste them", he commented almost absently.

Indie nodded. These past months had been rough on them all. To find out that someone they had all probably put themselves at risk for at one time or the other and had now turned on them was not something needed.

"You know we will find them, it's just a matter of time. They may have no thought for their actions and can't be sensed.....but everyone has memories, all I have to do is brush against them and I'll know....their days are numbered".

Micheal placed his hand on Indies' shoulder, then made his way out to the club. Indie watched a while longer from the window. People laughing, old friends catching up, dancing and drinking. A deep sigh escaped him, there was no one he could even think of it to be, no one he wanted it to be. He took one last look over the club as headed out on the floor.

Sinte smiled, she hadn't felt this free in a long time. She threw her arms in the air and moved forward to bump hips with Emory. Micheal had told them to enjoy tonight, it was opening night and it had been a long week. Looking up, she spotted Indie watching her. After letting Emory know she would be back in a while she swayed and swirled her way through the crowd towards him. He held out his hand for her to help her up the two steps leading to the bar once she had made it. She wrapped her arms around him , kissing him lightly on the lips.

"Having fun", he asked smiling.

"I'm having a wonderful time," she answered as she continued to move to the music, "Dance with me?"

Indie shook his head and kissed her on the cheek. "I'll have to take a rain check, maybe later?".

"Later....and I'll hold you to that", she said with a wicked grin, laughing as Emory grabbed her hand pulling her back onto the dance floor.

The One licked his lips, smiling as he watched her move. She was dancing with another girl, must be a friend.

She would need a friend when he took her away, maybe he could talk Aklund into letting him have her as well for a companion for his love when he could not be around. His love, how beautiful she was, she was the reason he was doing all of this, for her, so that they could be together.

He felt his rage fueling with a slow burn when he walked up to her. He had no right to touch her or be near her, she didn't belong to him! Remembering to keep his temper in check, he slid further back into the shadows and tried to relax. No matter, he may have her attention now but it would be short lived. A firm hand laid on his shoulder and he turned to see Micheal.

"Hello old friend, it's been a long time, how have you been?"

The One greeted Micheal with a brotherly hug and asked him to sit. His heart sank a little at the thought of hurting Micheal, he had been a true friend, helping him when no other would. They sat and talked for a while, about old times and how things had changed over the years. They talked about what was new and about the club. The One noticed Micheal never mentioned any trouble, of course he wouldn't, he always kept those things to himself. As much as he wanted to have this time with Micheal, knowing what was coming and how things would forever be changed, he really only wanted to watch her. But The One let him talk and was curtious, answering all the questions asked of him, even throwing in a few of his own to try and act interested in the conversation.

Finally Micheal rose to his feet to leave, going on about how a mans work is never done. The One agreed and they parted with a handshake and a smile, promising to catch up with one another soon and how they wouldn't let it be such a long time that pass when next they met. He watched as Micheal disappeared into the crowd then began searching for her, she was gone!

The One, as calmly as he could, began walking around the dance floor and up around to the bar, getting a drink to stave off suspicion. His eyes frantically darting around the room looking, she had to be close, it had only been a few minutes since he had gotten a glance of her. He paid the bar tender for his drink then headed outside. He walked slowly around
the outside shrubbery, keeping well off the lit path. She was near, he could feel her. As he rounded the corner staying behind a thick patch of trees, she came into view. She was standing with friends talking and laughing, her laugh rolling over him like sweet wine. He couldn't help but smile to himself. He could imagine her in his arms, laughing with that same wonderful laugh as they have their own private escapade in the their bedroom. With the money he had been given for his 'services' they would live comfortably, somewhere far away from the city, he hated the city.

He could imagine evenings with her filled with passion, he could almost feel her soft lips, he groaned inwardly as his thickness began growing uncomfortably beneath his trousers.

"Letting your imagination run away with you again", an amused voice echoed behind him.

The One jumped slightly and frowned. "Do you ever announce your presence or are you just always this intrusive Aklund?"

Aklund laughed unapologetically. "I've always found it much more of a good use of my time to catch people off guard, it's hard to lie on the spot. Do you have the documents and photos I asked for?"

"Do you have my money?"

The One watched as Aklund pulled an envelope from his shirt pocket. He snatched it from him, flipping through the bills then handing over the folders he had taken from Micheals' office a few days earlier.

"Your still undetected?"

"Of course, do you think me an idiot?"

"No, but when a pretty, little piece of ass has your eye most of the time I don't figure it hurts to ask."

The One ignored Aklunds' last statement, listening as his shoes crunched through the gravel away from him. Patience....'I just need to be patient a little longer sweet girl, then your mine.'

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