The Watchers
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Sinte and Emory sat at the bar, keeping an eye on things, just pretty much being sure everything ran smooth, same thing they had done every night for almost two weeks now.
Sinte couldn't shake the uneasy feeling she had had all day. She had tried chalking it up to the lonliness she had been feeling with the strange rift that had come between she and Indie as of late. He had been preoccupied before but never like this, even when he was home he wasn't there, his mind was somewhere else. He still held her and the sex was still amazing but he had stopped telling her he loved her over a month ago. It could simply all be in her head. He often told her she had a habit of reading way more into something than was really there.
So maybe that's what this was, just missing him, but deep down she knew that wasn't it. Emory, who was seated beside her, had been acting like something was bothering her as well but Sinte knew what her problem was. Lock had been going out with Micheal every night for over the same two weeks now. No one really knew what business they were taking care of but she knew Emory was resenting on Micheal hard. She couldn't help but smile remembering the way Indie used to sneak away every chance he got if for nothing else but a kiss. She blew out a long breath and took another sip of her drink. When Indie come back from Williamsburg this time she would sit him down, they needed to talk.

"I'm liking the new hair". Emory said, bringing Sinte out of her thoughts. She absently ran her fingers through the short spikes that now jutted outward from her head.

"Thank you, nothing different really, just lots of hair spray and gel."

Emory let out a long sigh and twittered with the straw in her drink.

"Not feeling well tonight Em?".

Emory shrugged. "I'm not sure what my problem is tonight. I wish the guys would finish up what takes them away every night. Not that I don't think we couldn't handle anything that may break out, I do, and I have more confidence in you than I do myself...", she sighed, rolling her eyes and laughing a little. "I know I'm rambling, I think I just have a case of the 'can't help it's."

Sinte nodded sympathetically. "I hear ya, I hate those.

She hated long silences, which had been present most of the night so decided to make some small talk, she really was interested in what Emory and Ezra could do and figured it couldn't hurt to ask, may make time pass a little quicker as well.

"So I've not asked, because I figured if you wanted me to know you would tell me, but what exactly does an Enigma do?"

For the next hour or so Emory explained to Sinte how Enigmas were puzzle solvers. Locks, Codes, Puzzles, Mazes, any and every kind of block imaginable, she and Ezra could resolve with little effort. Enigmas were also only born of twins. Emory talked Ezra up as being the better one but Sinte knew Emory was no slouch or Micheal would have never asked for them
both. Unfortunately Enigmas didn't have a sixth sense about things, but they had good sense feelings and that was enough sometimes.

Sinte had been so engrossed in conversation that she didn't realize it was closing time until Ian made last calls for drinks. Now the fun started...not. There was always someone passed out in the bathroom, gettin' kinky in the lounge or being sick in the cleaning closet and they never ever took well to being told it was closing time and that they needed to leave.

After a brief walk through they followed the last of the stragglers out and locked the doors. Sinte visibly shivered as cold chills ran down her spine.

"You ok Sin?," Emory asked, a concerned look across her face.

"I'm fine, someone walked over my grave I guess. I've just had this strange feeling all day that I've not been able to get rid of."

"Would you still have the same feeling if Indie were around or do you think it's just because he has been gone a lot ?"

Sinte shrugged, she honestly didn't know, but her gut was telling her she would.

"Hey, I have an idea, after we close the club tonight why don't you stay with me, or if you'd rather, I can stay with you. There's no reason for us to suffer alone when we can suffer together."

Both Emory and Sinte smiled.

"I was going to ask you the same exact thing last night but I thought it may make you feel a little uncomfortable." Sinte admitted.

Emory shook her head. "I wish you had asked, I was after four am getting to sleep this morning. Maybe with at least both of us in the same place we can rest a little easier.

They agreed to meet at the front door after the closing of the club and head to Emorys' apartment.

The rest of the night was pretty much without incident. It didn't take them long to clean up the club, Ian, the bartender, offered to stick around and help. The normal clean up crew hadn't been able to keep their positions when Micheal had moved everyone out of the city. They had chosen to stay despite the risks so until Micheal hired a new clean up crew
they were all pitching in at night and getting it done, unless it was a night like tonight with only Emory and Sinte around then everything fell on their shoulders from paperwork and receipts to making sure the floor was swept and mopped and the glasses were clean and put away.

Sinte neatly laid the completed paperwork on Micheals' desk and walked outside. The night air was chilly, but the moon was full and bright, not a cloud in the sky. Her uneasiness had nearly gone away until now. She was beginning to think maybe it was all in her mind. When she was busy and her mind was occupied she never once had had that feeling.
Now that the work was done she found it creeping back up on her. The door shutting startled her and she found herself jumping. She turned around to see Ian and Emory walking towards her. At least tonight she wouldn't be alone.

Ian offered to walk them to Emorys' apartment but they both refused. Her apartment was just around the corner, less than a five minute walk.
They watched Ian until he was pulling his car out of the parking lot and began walking. Sinte ran to she and Indies' apartment on the way to grab something to sleep in and clothes for the next day. She was sure to check the windows and double checked the door when she locked it. As she ran back to Emory she noticed she had almost a fearful expression, her chest was heaving and her hands was to her face.

" Em, you alright? You look like you've seen a ghost."

Emory waited until her breathing had slowed and she had a little better control before she began talking.

"Someone jumped out from behind those trees. They never stopped, just kept running on past but I thought I'd die right here!"

Sinte tried holding back the laugh that was trying to force its way out but she just couldn't. The look of total disbelief and the dramatic way she was waving her arms as she told her what had happened along with the stress she had been feeling all night was just too much. She started out with a giggle that quickly turned into a bending over double laugh.

Emory stood looking at her friend for a moment then joined her laughing.

"You wouldn't think it was so funny if it had happened to you!", she accused.

All Sinte could do was nod and wipe at the tears rolling out of her eyes. "I know Em, and I'm sorry, I just couldn't help myself."

Both of them were still laughing when they reached Emorys' apartment. After some small talk and a movie, both changed into their pajamas. Emory crashed on one end of the sectional, Sinte on the other. She was no longer feeling uneasy, just warm and sleepy. Maybe it was just Indie not being there that was causing her imagination to overload. She yawned and fell into an easy sleep.

A light flickered briefly in the thick trees across the way from Emorys' apartment. Vex inhaled deeply on the cigarette he had just lit. He moved around a bit to get a little more comfortable, not that it was easy to get comfortable sitting on half a tree. He had watched Shane follow the two girls back to the apartment. He knew Shane was up to something, he just didn't
know what yet. Vex had released small amounts of his energy at different times during the evening to see how much of him Shane could detect. If he could detect at all he wasn't showing any signs but the dark haired girl could feel him, which would make his job much more difficult if he had to do it, it all depended on Shanes' actions at this point. He watched the man as he walked up the room window where a light had gone out only a few minutes earlier. 'Shit' he muttered as he threw his cigarette butt down on the ground, readying himself for instant action if he needed to.

Shane stood there for what seemed like twenty or more minutes. He was a Yaw, which meant he had the ability to convert ambient electromagnetic energy into heat, light , and cold manipulation, maybe he could see their heat or feel them, it was hard telling with Shane really, he had always been about four colors short of a crayon box. Vex breathed a sigh of relief
as Shane finally wandered off down the road. He resettled himself, there were four hours left of his watch, he knew he would have to keep on his guard until the next came to relieve him.

They had to find out who Shane was working for or with and stop it without involving Micheal or his people, no easy task.

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