Affairs of the Heart
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Micheal had hated leaving Sinte and Emory to run the place by themselves for the past weeks but they had done an excellent job, everything was in order. This allowed him the time he needed to devote to the big problem still hanging around, the leak. What they had found out in the past several days was that whoever it was, wasn't working with the Vanguard or even any big Government Departments. They were, however, working with rogue groups of Perfected who often teamed up with different types of Deviant. These Perfected were not high profile as once thought but they did have money, and lots of it. What exactly they were trying to do was still a mystery and needed to be learned about. On the other hand, these groups were keeping the big Government dogs off of some of the smaller groups of Defiant, like the people who come to the club. Micheal couldn't help but admit to being perplexed about the whole situation. Why would any Perfected person or group want to help any Defiant? The Perfected/ Defiant war that has been going on for ages was started by the Perfected. They had wanted nothing to do with their 'mutant' counter parts and had vowed to kill them on sight, even the women and children.

So why were they all of the sudden calling a truce and wanting to 'work with' small Defiant groups? Micheal himself had not been in contact with any of the rogue Perfected but a couple on the Council had been propisitioned. Of course being the low man on the totem pole, socailly and politically, the chances of him being approached was at about a million to one. Shaking his head he massaged his temples, none of this made any sense.

He was told the situation with the leak was being monitored and to not bother himself with it, it had been more of an order than a request. Problem there was this leak was in his club, right under his nose doing who knows what. This was unacceptable, he was unsure how long he could not do anything about it and thought it was unreasonable for the elders to
expect him to do absolutely nothing, yet they did.

A knock on his door interrupted his thoughts.

"Come in."

Ezra walked through the door, looking a little uncertain.

"There is a woman, a Perfected woman here to see you. She says her name is Katie".

Micheal felt his heart stop for a minute and rose from his chair quicker than he had intended, knocking over some books. He clumsily picked the books up from the floor and turned to Ezra.

"Is she alone?"

"She seems to be yes."

Micheal couldn't seem to think straight. He had not thought about her in a while, he certainly did not expect her to suddenly appear out of nowhere after all this time. He walked towards the window looking out, he didn't trust himself to look at her.

"Show her in".

He heard Ezra leave, returning a short time later. He could feel her, smell her. She was apprehensive and worried about something. She had been crying, he could taste the salt from her tears as it wafted in the air. She cleared her throat, it was a soft sound barely audible.

"Micheal, we need to talk, privately if we could please."

Micheal turned looking at Ezra and nodding, still avoiding eye contact with her, he sat in his chair, his fingers linked .

"What do you want Katie?", his voice was toneless, almost harsh.

He looked at her then. She sat with her hands folded in her lap, looking at the floor. She was struggling he knew. She blew out a long breath then looked at him.

"You have to know that this is important. I would have never sought you out for any other reason. The truth is I had no where else to turn".

Micheal, finding himself mildly interested in what was so important, leaned back his chair and motioned for her to continue.

" you remember when we met up, a few years back. You had just gotten your position on the council, I, then was living with my Father."

Micheal nodded.

"My Father always hated you. I think he was jealous of what you were. Perfected and Defiant didn't always hate each other, there were always groups of both willing to help one another out. Unlike my Father, I always loved you. From the very first time I laid eyes on you that summer at that little, country store. I had just turned 16 and you were 18, all leathered up
riding that old Harley you had, I thought you were the greatest thing breathing."

She looked up to try and read his reaction but he seemed so far away, his eyes distant. She drew a ragged breath and continued.

When my Father took me away that summer, after he had found out we had......done what what we done. I swore I would find you again, if it took everything I owned to do it. Do you know it took me over a year to find you? I didn't know how you were going to react to me. When you took me in your arms that night....I knew. I knew nothing would ever make me leave you again, I felt loved and cherished and had more love than I thought my heart could hold...."

Micheal was getting angry now, he had heard enough.

"So you came here to give me a history lesson then. To remind me that twice in my life, to the same person I might add, you, I allowed myself to love and be loved. I allowed myself to trust and believe, to have hope. Granted, the first time you were taken away, wasn't a lot either of us could do about that, but the second time..Jesus Katie, you destroyed me, you took everything I had given you and just threw it back in my face. Let me see if I remember this right. As I recall the last words you spoke to me, as I stood there like an idiot, was "I hate you and I hate your kind. You make me sick, I can't even stand to be near you. The only reason I wanted you this time was because my Father forbid me and I take orders from no one. That was followed by you screaming at me Get Out at the top of your lungs as you threw my things out the door. So now, let me see, you have seen the error of your ways, decided you really do love me and want me to take you back, No."

He watched as she closed her eyes tight, tears streaming down her lovely face. He would, at that moment, like nothing more than to take her in his arms. But not this time.

"You know, the water works would have worked a few years ago, now, honestly, it just pisses me off, if you have something left to say, say it, or leave now."

"I was protecting you Micheal".

"That's rich, but I don't believe you".

"I...I was pregnant....."

Micheal threw back his head and laughed, disbelief setting in.

"My God Katie, who else were you screwin'? Trying to protect me from your lover? your husband? I would have been outraged too knowing that my pregnant wife was out fucking someone else!" Micheal threw his hands up in the air, walking up to her, stopping only inches from her face. "I want you out of my office, now. I don't care to hear any more of your lies".

"Micheal!", Katie sobbed, "It's not what you think!"

She walked up behind him laying a hand on his shoulder.

Micheal grabbed her wrist, backing her against the wall. "Then what is it Katie, tell me, for once in your pathetic, little life tell me the truth".

"The baby was yours, she's have a daughter."

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