Devil's Grey - Episode 2 "And Them Comes The Paranoia" Part 1 of 2
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Rebeca and Shadow walk the streets looking for who sent the note.

REBECA: There's nobody here. This place is desert.

SHADOW: That's nothing.

REBECA: I'm not afraid.

SHADOW: Shit, Rebeca. Drop this case!

REBECA: Do you think we are being misled?

SHADOW: You are being lied to!

Rebeca pauses for a quick breath and think about what is happening. She gives up.

REBECA: I don't want that.


REBECA: Why things can't be the way they were before?

Shadow observes expression of disgust transforming Rebeca's face.

REBECA: Nothing ever will be the same.

Rebeca notices that Shadow is silent, watching her and possibly weaving a comment. Nothing.

REBECA: F*** that. I already received my payment. There is no longer a case.

SHADOW: You can do better than that.

REBECA: Maybe.

They walk out and step into the darkness of downtown.

Rebeca looks back on the internet about Elena. Nothing, again. She reflects on her obsession with the case.

He lights a cigarette and walks to the window.

Sees the void and see a man watching her from across the street.

Rebeca plunges eyes in the dark sky and pretend not to be bothered.

DAVIS: Paranoia.

REBECA: F*** you.

DAVIS: You need to get a treatment. Go to a psychologist. You know, is not just for crazy ones...

REBECA: F*** off, Davis.

Rebeca shows him the note. Davis is silent.

DAVIS: Who sent it?

REBECA: Your mother! How the hell do I know? That's not even a real threat... It's just...

DAVIS: Just...?

REBECA: It's bullshit. Big one. You know what? I'm out of this case! I want my money, and I, I'm out!

DAVIS: You know better. The client does not seem satisfied.

REBECA: I already have a conclusion, I'm not back.

DAVIS: I'm not gonna go back.


DAVIS: I already have a conclusion, I'm not gonna go back.

Rebeca makes a quick break and sees Davis. Davis is apprehensive.

DAVIS: I'm sorry for indicating you. I thought it was something.

REBECA: It doesn't matter. I already faced the fact that I will not get into complex and violent cases anymore. I am no longer a police detective.

DAVIS: Right now I would give anything to not have to deal with these damn criminals nowadays. Bridgeport is getting worse. Giuliani is shitting for all this. Public safety funding? Big joke!

REBECA: The city elected him for a second time! Hey, f*** all of us, right? We have what we deserve.

DAVIS: Devil's grey.

REBECA: Excuse me?

Davis makes a quick break and sees Rebeca, looking her straight in the eyes.

DAVIS: You don't remember?

REBECA: Ah... The big grey of devil. I miss the vigils in West Side.

DAVIS: Bullshit!

REBECA: You know me.

DAVIS: What a world we live in...

REBECA: You're not that holy either. Maybe... Maybe... We all have what we deserve, afterall.

DAVIS: I don't agree. Nothing is so simple.

REBECA: Things are what they are.

Davis suddenly becomes restless.

DAVIS: Good luck Rebeca.

REBECA: You're leaving?


REBECA: I thought you wanted...

DAVIS: What?

REBECA: Oh, nothing.

DAVIS: Speaks.

REBECA: What are the chances that I go to your apartment without complicating things too much?

Davis is thoughtful, seemingly measuring the consequences and pondering Rebeca's question.

DAVIS: Maybe I won't let you get out of there anymore. F*** it, who knows what's best?

REBECA: Exactly.

Davis and Rebeca look at each other tightly. A growing wave of horny, a mixture of sweat and memories flood Rebeca's imagination.

Rebeca, naked, smokes her cigarette while looking at Bridgeport's view. Gray.

Davis observes, still lying in bed. Thinking, thinking.

Shadow follows Elena through the city. Shopping, lunch alone, nothing else.

Elena meets a man.

They kiss, he caresses her breasts without fear of daylight. Bitch. What happens here?

Shadow watches them in silence.

The couple enters a hotel. Good things will happen.

SHADOW: Rebeca may be not entirely wrong.

Shadow enters the hotel. Sees the receptionist, walks to the poor, and ponders a strategy.

He approaches the counter and speaks almost whispering. The receptionist, attentive, doesn't retreat.

SHADOW: I need something.

The watchful eyes of man smiling, asking that Shadow needs exactly what he's thinking.

Rebeca examines some files on her desk.

From the window, we can see the shades of gray of the city. Devil's...

Phone rings. Rebeca answers.

REBECA: Rebeca talking.

VOICE: Purification suffering is less painful than the situation that creates a culprit for an thoughtless acquittal.

Rebeca freezes for an eternal moment, and after she feels her spine churning in the bowels.

VOICE: Beware. They are after you.

REBECA: Who is?

VOICE: You're not forgiven.

The person on the other line hangs up. Rebeca shakes.

REBECA: Hello? Hello?

Rebeca is interrupted by the man at her door. He is standing tensely. Pale. What the hell, you scared me!

MAN: You have to help me.

REBECA: Who are you?

MAN: Robert Langley.

REBECA: How do you know--

ROBERT: I have no time.

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