Devil's Grey - Episode 3 "Past Crimes" Part 1 of 2
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Rebeca sees a man. He keeps a cynical smile on his face. Tension fills the air throughout the room, visibly upsetting Rebeca. He is empty-handed. She carries a gun, aiming at him.

MAN: No more mystery, then.

REBECA: You bastard! You will pay for everything you did!

The man laughs, relaxed, challenging Rebeca to shoot him.

MAN: Where are your fellow officers? You should not be here alone, should it? This goes against the protocol, love.

REBECA: I swear I'll shoot, your psycho!

MAN: You can not prove anything.

REBECA: We have DNA evidence. Son of a b****! You'll fry in the electric chair.

MAN: You are bluffing.

REBECA: Believe what you want, at this point I don't care.

Rebeca laughs with happiness of morbid grief. The man analyzes her.

MAN: You think you're so clever...

REBECA: It was very careless of you to leave evidence behind.

MAN: And we both know this is not my MO.

REBECA: Shut up!

MAN: How many times were? Ah yes... Five.

He begins to laugh, leaving Rebeca even more nervous. He shakes a bit and even ventured a step forward. Rebeca loses control.

REBECA: Stopped, bastard! I'll kill you!

Rebeca starts to cry. The man begins to smile and wears an expression of compassion and superiority.

MAN: Be calm, love, you wont get crazy... Are you?

REBECA: You killed five women! And raped them!

MAN: Maybe not in that order, maybe yes.

He laughes and Rebeca begins to tremble a lot.

MAN: You're pathetic. And I bet you don't have any evidence. So that leaves you, in front of me, pointing a gun at me and threatening to kill me. How far would you go, detective? I'm curious to know.

REBECA: I hope you rot in hell, you'll love the treatment that the state will give it to you.

MAN: You're ridiculous... You don't serve neither to wear a wire or something that is useful for your case. I'm getting tired of all of you standing behind my shadow. Let's end this silly charade in which I am the evil monster and you are that lunatic who pretends to have evidence against me. You don't even know what you're talking about, remember I'm innocent?

Rebeca can not control the trembling of her hands and begins to feel the cold sweat down her back.

REBECA: You really want to bet that there is no wire? You've just confirmed how many victims were.

MAN: And this information would be relevant only if you had no evidence to confirm. Which means you just told me that there is, in fact, nothing substantial for you. You're very stupid!

Rebeca feels the dread taking care of her body. She suddenly wishes that Davis was with her to help. He smiles again, defying Rebeca.

REBECA: I promise you that you'll not get away of this!

MAN: Either I'll get away with this entirely innocent or you shoot me and you go to jail.

REBECA: I swear...

MAN: Maybe I'm not the bad guy here, you are. Yes, you. If you had a mirror in front of you, my god! Shoot, Rebeca, shoot. Be useful for the first time ever and put an end to the supposed monster that I am!

REBECA: You have no idea who I am and what I am capable of.

MAN: You... Are nothing.

Rebeca gets very nervous with his statement and her finger itches on the trigger of her gun. She imagines all the scenarios and consequences of what will happen next. Nothing. Total darkness.

As with a large electrical discharge, Rebeca takes a quick decision.

REBECA: Burn in hell!

Rebeca shoots.

At the time of the shoot, Rebeca wakes up from the nightmare.

She gets out of bed and walks to the bedroom window, where she lights up a cigarette and smoke it so anxious. Rebeca feels the sweat covering her whole skin.

A wave of memories invades her mind.

Rebeca sees the view of Bridgeport through the window. Gray. Davis approaches her.

DAVIS: Why do you look so much at the city?

REBECA: The view calms me. It's my drug.

DAVIS: Sure.

REBECA: What will happen now, Davis?

DAVIS: I don't know.

REBECA: I killed him.


REBECA: I can change, I know I can!

DAVIS: I don't know what to say. Seriously.

Rebeca senses disappointment on his voice and in his appearance. She trembles.

REBECA: You were right.


REBECA: I go too far in my cases.

DAVIS: I gotta go. I'll call you later.

REBECA: Davis, what will happen?

Davis loses control and lets out a very loud scream, scaring Rebeca.

DAVIS: I don't know, okay?

Rebeca's eyes widen and she feels the hot tears fighting to not go out of her eyes.

DAVIS: Now we need evidence, don't we? You had to go after the suspect without backup!

REBECA: I'm sorry, Davis.

DAVIS: I bet you don't feel shit! How many years do I know you Rebeca?

Rebeca returns to face the emptiness of Bridgeport.

REBECA: We all know that he killed those five women! You mostly.

DAVIS: You think I did not wanted to end that son of a b****? But things are not the way we want, dammit!

REBECA: Help me, Davis. Please.

Davis tries to build some response and feels no desire or success. Eventually he walk away, leaving Rebeca alone.

Rebeca remains looking at the empty darkness of the sky.

REBECA: People in general have a tendency to repeat themselves.

She talks to herself, as she remembers her obsession with the new case.

Rebeca and Shadow are in the office to discuss the case.

SHADOW: And what exactly do you know about this man?

REBECA: I don't even know if I accept the case, the fact is that, Shadow, everything is complicated.

SHADOW: What happened when he came here?

REBECA: I said I'd think if I could help him. That was that.

SHADOW: And he was upset?

REBECA: Yeah. I don't know if I was right to let him go, he was obviously in serious danger!

SHADOW: Why don't you accept? After all, you said yourself that Elena's case is already closed, doctor.

REBECA: Familiarity between cases... What are the chances?


REBECA: I did some research and I discovered some details about Robert Langley. It was very easy, the evidence was almost in front of me.

SHADOW: What did you find?

REBECA: He is an accountant working in a firm downtown. Probably is a firm dedicated to people like Robert's last employer, whom he is afraid now. Money laundering, etc, etc... Large gang probably is an open case in Bridgeport Police Department.

SHADOW: What else caught your attention?


SHADOW: You hinted that you discovered something strange and you were speaking of familiarity between the cases...

REBECA: Yeah, I mean... What are the chances... Someone like Elena Back envolved with narcotics in Bridgeport? And nationwide.

SHADOW: Wow, I guess... No chance, doc!


SHADOW: Rebeca, you... This is the familiarity you found?

REBECA: It must be a coincidence.

SHADOW: Yeah and what's gotten into you lately?

REBECA: Excuse me?

SHADOW: You're off your game, doc. Did something happen?

Shadow note that Rebeca is stiff and obviously mulling over something. He hesitates to show his concern in the same proportion that Rebeca hesitates to show that there is a problem.

REBECA: If they were being followed by the same person, both Elena and Robert, that would be because they are involved, correct? We know that Robert participated in money laundering, but what about Elena?

SHADOW: I don't think you should go with this line of thinking. Plus, I don't think, in anyway, that Elena Back is involved in something dangerous besides cheating on her husband.

REBECA: I can't get around my head the fact that she hired me, Shadow. Why would she do that?

SHADOW: From the first moment you may think that if she was hiding something she would'nt want anyone to know, the last thing she would do is hire a private investigator, but the fact is that she was paranoid. Perhaps the affair, perhaps for another reason, but a suburban wife like her, sure having a second life would do the trick.

REBECA: Do you think she honestly believed she was being followed, so the fact that she was having an affair and the possibility of me fiding it out eventually didn't mattered?

SHADOW: In case of being followed or just thinking that she was... Yes, side effect.

REBECA: If it meant that I would save her life, why not?

SHADOW: Exactly.

REBECA: Strange that we didn't find out about that at first.

SHADOW: It took some time, indeed.

REBECA: And now we know we have someone passing by her block.

SHADOW: Once. We don't know if he was there for Elena Back.

REBECA: We'll know once Tyson releases that file for me. Come on!

Shadow architect a comment and it takes a while to talk, Rebeca focuses on her cell phone, as if awaiting the return of Tyson with the license plate she asked.

SHADOW: Forget Elena Back. Forget what I said about doing better... Case closed.

REBECA: You don't make any sense, man.

SHADOW: Doctor... Honestly, the woman is paranoid. There's no one after her. Now, about Robert Langley, there you have a case. Let's go after that.

REBECA: Don't you think that Elena is strange?

SHADOW: I wouln't hook up with her.

Rebeca takes a few seconds to process Shadow's answer. He remains neutral.

REBECA: I don't... Anyway, there is something about this woman, everything is wrong. I'm sure what I'm talking about. I've been a detective for many years, I know when there is fire after smoke.

SHADOW: This is not exactly West Side, doc. These are domestic cases.

REBECA: Robert Langley is not a domestic case. What he wants us to do exactly?

SHADOW: He'd make better a deal with the FBI, I think.

REBECA: I don't know, these things are dangerous, a good informant is a dead informant. And you know that Robert was very hurt and beaten. It's a message...

Rebeca does not stop talking and begins to remember a few things. Shadow notices that she is thinking about something important. Rebeca stares him.

REBECA: Tyson was looking for an informant that day.

SHADOW: What are you talking about?

REBECA: This is a BPD case!

SHADOW: I'm not following, doc.

REBECA: In one of the vigils, Tyson appeared. Near Elena's house. He told me he was looking for an informant. There is no chance that this gang isn't being targeted by the police and the FBI!

SHADOW: So you think this guy might be Robert Langley.

REBECA: What makes no sense is that Elena is involved in the story, why wouldn't Davis say anything and worse, point me to her?

SHADOW: Maybe the BPD did'nt know anything about Elena.

REBECA: Elena Back. Suburban wife, perfect in daylight, has a double life at night. Involved with a gang, involved - somehow - with Robert Langley.

SHADOW: I don't think any of these things make sense. Looks more like a mafia movie plot. Rebeca, doctor, seriously... Help me out here. Let's do this in the right way.

REBECA: What do you suggest?

Shadow begins to consider a new strategy. Rebeca accompanies his eyes. The city lights invades the office.

Rebeca is sitting on the couch, looking dispersed and her body is completely static.

While she stares the void, her father Carl approaches.

CARL: You're a good girl Beca.


Carl sits next to Rebeca for a moment and takes her hand to comfort her.

CARL: Yeah. You're good. Your heart is in the right place. Stop punishing yourself, you did what was right.

REBECA: It was really right? I'm almost convinced.

CARL: You know, it was. And I love you, kid, no matter what. You can always count on me.

REBECA: I'm afraid of what I'm becoming.

CARL: Look at me.

Rebeca looks at Carl and dives into his eyes with a lot of depth, he looks at her very tenderly.

CARL: Beca... Forgive.

Rebeca returns to face the emptiness and feel a hot tear streaming down her face, her mind is filled with the smell of blood from the crime scene. Her hands tremble. Forgive.

CARL: Forgive.

Rebeca hesitate and go back to look at Carl when she finally whispers.

REBECA: And what happens after that?

Carl doesn't answer. He gets lost in his daughter's eyes with an expression of great compassion.

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