Devil's Grey - Episode 3 "Past Crimes" Part 2 of 2
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Rebeca is distracted by her memories. She returns to pay attention to a grave. Rebeca let some tears fall.

REBECA: I wanted so much to talk with you again. But you're not here. You're not.

Rebeca continues to stare Carl Ericson's tomb. So much missing. So much things unsaid.

Rebeca turns and walks away from the cemetery.

Rebeca walks up to the entrance of her building when she sees a man in black looking up, possibly looking for Rebeca's apartment window.

She walks up to the man and think she should be going in the opposite direction. Too late. Their eyes meet. The man is surprised to see her.

REBECA: Who are you? I want you away from me!

The man decides to run, Rebeca goes after him with great fury.

She reaches him out and knocks him to the ground.

Rebeca distributes punches in the man's eye and nose as he tries to protect himself. Rebeca throws him on the ground, shaking with adrenaline and surprised with her physical ability at the time, and then she kicks him with great force.

In a poorly thought act - in the middle of the street completely deserted - she pulls out her gun and points at him. He is paralyzed on the floor, looking around to find a way out of a woman out of control.

REBECA: Who are you, motherf*****? Why are you following me?

He decides that this is the best chance to escape, then he gets up and runs full of adrenaline into the street darkness.

Rebeca hesitate to react and just stops, her eyes filled with anger and regret. In shock, she shoots twice against a trash can. The sound of the shot echoes down the street, but you can swear that nobody in the world witnessed that moment, only she and the city's grayness.

Rebeca wanders making too much noise while stepping firmly in the ground. Davis notices and prepares to make a comment.

DAVIS: Did you see his face?

REBECA: Davis...

DAVIS: I should confiscate that weapon.

REBECA: I have a license, jerk!

DAVIS: You shot twice against a dumpster. But yeah it is probably better you keep that gun because you get yourself into some shit all the time and then people tries to kill you because of that.

REBECA: Ha. Ha. Funny.

Davis approaches Rebeca and grabs her arm.

DAVIS: I should kick your ass.

REBECA: Then do it.

Rebeca gets nervous and tries to take her hand out of Davis arm. Without success.

DAVIS: You may notice that you're running risk. Really. This is not a game.

REBECA: I'm fine and don't worry about me.

DAVIS: So why did you call me here?

Davis keeps grabbing her arm and Rebeca gives up trying to get loose. She just stares into his eyes.

Rebeca hesitates.

REBECA: You're right. I shouldn't have called.

DAVIS: I did not say that. Don't be silly!

REBECA: No, no! You're right, it was a waste of time, let me go!

Rebeca freak out and pushes Davis while throwing herself backwards in a final attempt to let go of him. Success. Davis is relaxed, as if there had been no effort in general. Rebeca is frustrated.

REBECA: You can't always take care of me and I don't want to do that. I promise that if there is some shit I will solve it, rest assure.

Rebeca walks out into her room and ignores Davis.

DAVIS: Rebeca, go back here, stop making a scene!

He goes after her.

She turns to him with violence and outrage.

REBECA: I'm making a scene?

DAVIS: You always do this!

REBECA: Your f****** a**hole! Get out of my house!

Rebeca rushes to push Davis, but she's not fast enough and he gets to her first grabbing her both arms. Rebeca finds herself trapped in Davis.

DAVIS: Control yourself. I don't want to hurt you.

Rebeca's eyes burning, eager to dissolve into tears. Continued outraged, incredulous at the situation.

DAVIS: Do not look at me like that.

Rebeca closes her eyes in an attempt to block her body to betray her.

Davis grabs her even more and gets very close, giving a kiss on her cold lips with great force. Davis feels that Rebeca feels cold and trembles at his arms.

Rebeca kiss him back and after she starts to kiss his neck. A cold breeze passes through the room, the result of an open window, showing Bridgeport and all its false glory!

SHADOW: Doctor?


SHADOW: Were you paying attention?

REBECA: No, sorry. Say it again.

Shadow gets frustrated with Rebeca's lack of attention, but he decides not to show it. He continues.

SHADOW: So as I was saying...

REBECA: F****** phone!

Rebeca nuzzles in her cell.

REBECA: I... I don't know how to handle this touchscreen bullshit. F***!

She puts the phone down out of frustration and anger. She stares Shadow again, in attention.

REBECA: About the gang...

SHADOW: About that. Well, Big John. He is Robert Langley's employer. And...

REBECA: How did you found out about this?

SHADOW: I... I have my contacts. Is this relevant?

REBECA: In narcotraffic? You have contacts in narcotraffic?

SHADOW: Doctor, this never mattered before.

REBECA: In domestic cases, what the devil Shadow, our last case was about the disappearance of a birth certificate!

SHADOW: Rebeca.

REBECA: Go on. I won't care, f*** it.

She returns to tamper with the phone or at least try.

SHADOW: It's normal to think that Big John was betrayed by someone or one of his other employees just talked to Robert Langley about things that they were not supposed to.

REBECA: But it's obvious that Robert should know crucial details of the operation, he laundered the money.

SHADOW: No, not necessarily. What he should know is that he needed to take care of the cashier, didn't bothering himself about how much money appears. He launders, gets his share and takes off. And keep not knowing anything about the operation.

REBECA: And you think this routine was obstructed by someone?

SHADOW: Didn't he told you that he had made a personal investigation?

REBECA: Yes. So he was out there looking for hidden information, meaning that there wasn't a green bird that wanted to open its beak on everything.

SHADOW: Yeah, and now he is at risk. The order on the streets is to shoot before asking.

REBECA: No! He has a target on his head?

SHADOW: And I don't know how many hits after him.

REBECA: Holy shit! But what does this have to do with Elena?

SHADOW: I didn't said it did. Who said anything about Elena?

REBECA: Sorry, I... I'm sorry.

Shadow analyzes Rebeca's uncertain expression. And he continues.

SHADOW: Let's go after him tonight.

REBECA: What? He can not be a bait!

SHADOW: Do you want my honest opinion? F*** that, it's the least he can do. He was supposed to be six feet under right now. If he has a small chance to get away, will be helping us.

REBECA: I don't know, man.

SHADOW: Today we close this case! He wanted to know who is behind it. Well then.

REBECA: It has a chance of not being Big John.

SHADOW: I know. Lately I've been thinking more and more about the possibility that it may have nothing to do with the gang.

REBECA: I know it's wrong I don't talk to him about this, or I would be out of my job, but... Suddenly you find yourself needing to disappear from the view of your big and drug dealer employer, so wouldn't be better to flee? Why hire me to know who's after you? What's his leverage?

SHADOW: Do you think he is lying about his participation in the gang?

REBECA: Man, this moment is forever... I'm helping a criminal!

SHADOW: F*** the BPD! And there is a big difference between being in fact in the traffic and money laundering...

REBECA: From trafficking! It's all the same thing.

SHADOW: You think so?

REBECA: I used to think so... Now I'm not sure of anything. I only know what I need to do or else I'm screwed!

SHADOW: He investigated someone. He discovered some things. Why not flee?

REBECA: These are the one million dollars questions.

SHADOW: If he hired you to know who's after him, that means that he has no idea. Increasingly excluding the possibility of Big John being envolved with this history. Or at least that's what he thinks.

REBECA: None of this looks good, Shadow.

SHADOW: Calm down, doc. I'm here, everything is kewl.

Rebeca gets distracted and gives a laugh, Shadow smiles.

REBECA: What? No!

Rebeca continues laughing.

Robert sits alone in a bar table. Visually stressed and fearful, he looks around for someone.

Rebeca and Shadow are distant, attentive to the events and people. Nothing out of the ordinary. Ordinary for Bridgeport's nightlife.

The cigarette smoke dance in the air, invading spaces and creating mystery.

SHADOW: I'm going to the bathroom. I'll be right back.


Shadow walks into the bathroom. A man in black appears and follows him.

Rebeca burns a cigarette in the air and smoke it for a long time. She looks around and realizes the man approaching Robert.

Robert gets up and starts talking to the man. Rebeca is alert and watching.

Man approaches her.

MAN: Do not overreact. Walk slowly to outside.

With peripheral vision, Rebeca realizes the posture of the man who approached her. With a gun in hand, he is relaxed and seemingly willing to unload the bullets on her if necessary. Damn it.

REBECA: I'm going.

They walk slowly to the door that goes to the back. They leave.

Shadow, relaxed, is distracted while using the bathroom. The man walks slowly into the bathroom without drawing attention. The door is closed.

Shadow notices the presence of the man in black in the bathroom and punches his chin, making him lose his balance. The man staggers a bit, but soon pushes forward, returning to punch Shadow. Score.

Shadow wraps his arms around him and they fall to the ground. Punches. Kicks. Blood. Shadow gets up, the man pulls him back to the ground and they roll in the dirty floor of the bathroom, sharing punches.

Outside, Rebeca is at gunpoint of the man in black.

MAN: What are you doing? They were not to be here.

REBECA: What are you talking about?

MAN: Why are you following Robert Langley?

REBECA: Robert Langley? Man, I came here to find my boyfriend, I don't know who this Robert is.

MAN: You're too cynical, but do you think I believe in you?

REBECA: I have no idea who you are and what you want. Let me go, please!

MAN: It's a shame. You were so close!

Rebeca gets thoughtful, trying to split the fear and free thinking to figure out what the man might be speaking of.

Shadow throws the head of the man in black against the mirror, which shatters, falling to the ground like snowflakes and blood.

The man faints and falls to the ground. Shadow runs out of the bathroom.

The man's gun trembles in his hand, finger on the trigger. Rebeca gets tense. Where's Shadow? What happened?

They hear a weapon unlocking.

Shadow is on the left of the man in black pointing a gun at him.

SHADOW: Drop the gun or I'll blow your head like I did with your friend in there! Ah... And start talking.

The man gets visibly nervous and fixes his eyes on Rebeca's.

Rebeca looks at him with much hatred.

REBECA: You were saying...

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