Devil's Grey - Episode 4 "Don't Fear The Shadow" Part 1 of 2
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Still aiming his gun at the man in black, Shadow once again insists on knowing everything that's going on.

SHADOW: That's not enough, dammit!

MAN: Don't shoot! You're looking for Adam Hall. Don't kill me, please, I have a family!

REBECA: Who is Adam Hall?

MAN: I... I...

Shadow threatens to shoot in the man's head, he starts to shake a lot. Rebeca accompanies his nervousness while she breathes deeply.

REBECA: Spit it out!

The man has no time to react, someone shoot him - on the back of the head, causing him to stagger and fall to his knees. Blood. His life is gone, he remains static in the floor.

Shadow and Rebeca's eyes find the weapon that caused the shooting. Robert Langley.

REBECA: What did you do? Are you crazy?

ROBERT: You didn't needed him. And again, he would kill us.

SHADOW: You know who's Adam Hall?

ROBERT: Maybe I'm only in this situation because I know who this bastard is. Jesus...

REBECA: What do we do?

Rebeca's curious eyes question Shadow's. He stares at the body on the floor. The blood flow. The noises of the night involved.

SHADOW: Why this Hall guy would put someone behind you?

Robert doesn't respond, he simply wonders. Shadow starts getting impatient and approaches him.

SHADOW: I'm tired of you hiding things! F***!

ROBERT: Adam Hall is Big John's partner.

REBECA: Partner? In traffic?

ROBERT: I mean, Big John is local. He owns every major drug points in Bridgeport, but Adam, well... Adam is the guy that makes things happen out there.

SHADOW: He transports drugs out of town.


REBECA: So he has a hit on you because of what you know and believe me, there's plenty more where these three came from!

ROBERT: I know, I know. There's nothing left in my life, you don't understand, I... I no longer have a family, no more purpose...

SHADOW: So if you were used to launder their money before, why would they want you dead now?

ROBERT: Nobody knew about Adam Hall.


ROBERT: He has always been a mysterious figure. F***, even the guys involved in the scheme didn't know about him.

REBECA: But you found out. How?

ROBERT: I wanted to quit the operation, but you know how it works, no one can leave the scheme alive.

Robert is dispersed, involved in violent memories - full of sadness flowing through his facial expression.

ROBERT: I thought, I mean, I was going crazy. So I thought that if I knew something, any little thing that would give me leverage over them... I know I was stupid, but you don't understand it... How is...

Robert begins to fade into tears of regret and bitterness.

REBECA: And Hall's name showed up in your research. It was more than you expected to find.

SHADOW: You brought this to yourself.

ROBERT: I know, I know...

The noises stop. Robert's tears are the only things that are heard, lamentation. The blood covering the floor.

DAVIS: Think about Big John as the greatest mind of the whole operation. And may I add, the guy is slick. The case is opened in the FBI for seven years!

REBECA: The FBI has some reason to think he has a partner?

DAVIS: I don't know, why?

REBECA: A man alone, a major operation. National. What do you think?

DAVIS: I think this is a FBI case. How do you know Big John, by the way?

REBECA: Why do you care Davis?

DAVIS: Lots of love for one person.

REBECA: I am who I am.

Davis makes a short pause, he looks her from head to toe and opens a big smile on his face.

DAVIS: You're different. What happened?

REBECA: I'm not different. You're the one who's getting old.

Davis gives a loose laugh, while he spreads in the chair. Rebeca gives him a smile.

Rebeca bring her cigarette, the smoke dance toward the open window.

REBECA: So this guy has nothing to do with my client.

DAVIS: I hope this information I am giving you doesn't help you to, in fact, meddle in one of the most dangerous trafficking operations in the country.

REBECA: Stay calm. I can handle danger.

DAVIS: No kidding...

REBECA: One more thing. And please help me in this... Do you know Robert Langley?

DAVIS: It's some kind of band?

Rebeca smiles, looks out the window and go back to focusing on Davis.

REBECA: He's my client, dammit!

DAVIS: No. Never heard of him.

REBECA: Who do I have to sleep on the BPD to find out if he is an informant?

Davis gets up, in a hurry. Takes an outrageous look at Rebeca, look back and look at her again. Shaken, he responds.

DAVIS: F*** you!

REBECA: Davis...

DAVIS: I can't pass this information, are you crazy? This can screw up with our case!

REBECA: Technically it is an FBI case.

DAVIS: Phillip.


DAVIS: Yeah. Call him. Set up a date, take him to your apartment. Open a bottle of wine, then suck his c*** now that he is the new FBI liaison for the BPD.

Rebeca doesn't answer anything. Davis walks on all sides, at a frenetic pace. Fixed his gaze on Rebeca and breathes deeply.

DAVIS: No. Robert Langley is not a name that is in the case. Satisfied? Now, if you do something to harm the FBI investigation, I'll kick your ass, Rebeca.

REBECA: Thank you.


Davis walks away and slams the office door.

Rebeca throws her head back, instinctively, to the sound of the door slamming.

Rebeca follows Frederic Back downtown. Something is wrong with this guy - she thinks. Soon to find out that, indeed, he is not as clean as it looked.

REBECA: Where do I know this place? I know this here. What are you doing there, my good fellow?

Frederic enters an accounting firm and disappears.

She thinks to herself, and decides to go home to find out more about the name of the place.

In her notebook, surfing the Internet looking for some names.

She finds out that the firm's owner is the same strange owner of the firm where Robert Langley worked. Nothing strange, coincidence either. What does he do?

Leaving the darkness, Shadow walks toward a house - with a bat in his hands.

He angrily walks to the door, forcing himself in.

The stranger who lives in that place finds Shadow and panics.

What are you doing? - The man thinks to ask and give up the minute Shadow begins to burst the windows of his house.

With a little effort and a lot of anger, Shadow burst the windows, one by one. The man is paralyzed. Observing. Waiting his turn.

In a minute of adrenaline, he attacks Shadow. They exchange punches and the man gets injured. The man berely touches Shadow.

But Shadow retaliates with a punch on his chin.

The man falls to the ground in agony. Shadow gives him a little more medicine - kicking the dead dog's stomach.

The victim does not react anymore, just struggle to fill his lungs with air. Fail and fail again.

Shadow looks at him with threat in his eyes. You got what you deserve - he thinks.

SHADOW: Stay away from her. I know who you are. Do not make me come back here. Stay away!

And goes back to the darkness.

The man tries to collect his shards from the floor. Failed. Burning in pain while crawling on the floor.

REBECA: They have a connection, I'm sure. It's bizarre I haven't seen it before. I told you there was a familiarity in the case, but no, I'm crazy paranoid.

SHADOW: And this guy who owns the two firms in which they work, what's his name? What do you know about it so far?

REBECA: Don't be in such a hurry.

Shadow begins to wander around the apartment, making too much noise with the fury of his footsteps.

His expression restrained, playful, flirting with his own masochists thoughts.

REBECA: You're okay?

SHADOW: Yeah, go on.

REBECA: This owner must be only a scapegoat. I think it doesn't really matter who he is. Obviously it must have something to do with Big John and Adam Hall. Which brings us back to Elena's subject being right all the time, she was being followed, but by pure paranoia she thought she was the target. And she wasn't.

SHADOW: Maybe. But maybe he's after Frederic's family. That is, if Frederic and Robert are in the same situation, knowing too much about the operation.

REBECA: Right.

SHADOW: But that doesn't mean we should go after this...

REBECA: How so?

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