Devil's Grey - Episode 4 "Don't Fear The Shadow" Part 2 of 2
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SHADOW: Robert is your client, not Frederic.

REBECA: Yes, but... Don't you think that would be good at least warn them that they are in danger?

SHADOW: He made his bed, now lie in it!

REBECA: F***. I'm going after.

SHADOW: You shouldn't.

REBECA: I need the money. I have a mortgage to pay, office rent that is long overdue. It's too much for me, Shadow. I must be rational here.

Shadow laughs, Rebeca doesn't like it and she can honestly admit that she never saw him that way. Tortured, as if straight out of a nightmare.

REBECA: I'm feeling that we're really close this time.

SHADOW: Close to what exactly? Huh? These guys who has to solve their own shit! There's not much we can do now.

REBECA: I need to get my money.

SHADOW: That's when he decides he is pleased. And when it comes to Robert Langley, from what we saw, he'll only be happy with a bullet in each of our brains.

REBECA: Wow, dude...

In the same moment, Rebeca's cell rings arousing the tense direction of the conversation. She answers. Shadow waits for bad news.

VOICE: Where do you think you'll get?

REBECA: Who's speaking?

VOICE: Give up, or I have a grave waiting for you.

REBECA: F*** you!

VOICE: Make me.

And hangs up.

Shadow examines her face carefully. The doorbell rings, both look toward the door.

Slowly, carefully. They approach.

Shadow opens the door and finds a teddy bear on the floor. Nothing more. Desert hall, silence settles again. Deafens. Rebeca doesn't react.

REBECA: What is it?

SHADOW: Maybe a threat, a message, I don't know.

REBECA: I want the security camera videos of this building lobby. For yesterday!

The bear sees Rebeca. Fondling, almost smiling. You're dead - the bear thinks.

Desert. The shadows of the unknown cover the buildings.

Shadow enters in a brothel where he meet with a man.

GABRIEL: Long time, no see.


GABRIEL: Why so sullen?

Shadow is troubled while moving his curious eyes to the place surroundings, barely looks at Gabriel. Gabriel enjoys it.

GABRIEL: I'm here again, aren't I? Whenever needed, I was there. And vice versa.

SHADOW: I did many things for you too.

GABRIEL: You sure did. I'm never tired of saying that you were my best employee.

Shadow hesitates, but delves into Gabriel's eyes, with a powerful sense of a world of memories invading him.

GABRIEL: You're very quiet today. Are you afraid of me?

And laughes, amused by his own words, using an arrogant expression on his face. Perverse, damned. The tension dance in the air, defying Shadow into the game. Or to get out of there immediately.

SHADOW: The past is the past, Gabriel.

GABRIEL: You're different. This tension, this rigidity... I almost didn't recognized you.

SHADOW: Time passes. Shit happens. We survive.

GABRIEL: Indeed.

Shadow goes back to look at nothing. Gabriel doesn't take his eyes off Shadow.

GABRIEL: And what did your Excellency to come back here and give the air of your grace?

SHADOW: F*** you!

GABRIEL: No. F*** you!

SHADOW: Coming here was wrong. Forget I was here! I don't need to go back for this shit!

GABRIEL: You liked it for many years. You won't spit on the plate that you ate... And, oh, how much you ate, are you?

SHADOW: Don't forget I know who you really are.

GABRIEL: Doesn't matter, honey. We both know you're nothing.

Gabriel approaches Shadow, who takes a step backwards. Gabriel stop and feels pleasure in the tension.

GABRIEL: That this macho attitude is a trick, fortunately I know very well what you're made of!

Shadow doesn't answer, just waiting for more. Why am I here? - He asks himself in his mind.

GABRIEL: What? Did I hurt your little pride? You're a piece of shit that I took of the street. Doesn't worth what you have in your pocket, you just think that you're a great crap.

For a moment, you can see Shadow's eyes burning and wet.

He decides to leave. Gabriel shoots.

GABRIEL: What you really want here?

SHADOW: You're a big baby with a toy in your hands. You're not and never was a man! Do not talk to me about life! I know what life is!

GABRIEL: After all this time, still can't handle harsh words.

Gabriel laughs, with a mixed expression of pity and desire.

He approaches Shadow even more, getting face to face with him.

GABRIEL: Now... What do you need? For you is priceless.

Shadow doesn't fight anymore, only does what is required.

SHADOW: Robert Langley. He has a hit on his back. I need a name. Or all the names you can find.

GABRIEL: Uh... That'll cost you.

Gabriel laughs at himself, analyzing Shadow's reaction, which is not even a little surprised by Gabriel's imposing. He knows it's no joke.


And keeps laughing.

Gabriel approaches, Shadow standing still, he kisses his trembling lips with lust. Shadow does not correspond.

GABRIEL: I hope to see you there. You now owe me... And I'll want the payment!

He laughes again.

And then disappears through the darkness in.

Elena is uneasy and decides to finally answer Rebeca's questions. Her hands wander into her lap when she starts.

ELENA: He works at that firm for over ten years! And we never had problems. Listen, I don't think that this is possible, I mean... It's crazy! You need to keep looking!

REBECA: Don't get me wrong, Elena... This is my job and I can assure you this has nothing to do with the affair that you are having.

Elena gets surprised and looks at both sides, as if looking for a hidden spy. The secrets come to the surface eventually.

ELENA: Please don't tell my husband!

REBECA: You are my client. I only did what you asked... Find out who was following you.

ELENA: Right... Well, about Adam Hall.


ELENA: He looks like a righteous man, great manager, great connections at City Hall, philanthropist.

Rebeca tries to contain a smile. How ironic - she thinks. Philanthropy, come on!

REBECA: And are you sure he has no involvement with Frederic?

ELENA: Yeah, my Fred doesn't know him that much.

REBECA: But you do?

ELENA: Kind of, sometimes I saw him at the time I did some services at City Hall.

REBECA: What kind of service?

ELENA: In the Sanitation Department as an auxiliary officer. Nothing much.

REBECA: Nothing you did was connected with Adam Hall?

ELENA: No. I'm pretty sure of that. And I know that Adam has only good friends at City Hall, nothing more than that. If you want to know, he and Giuliani are great friends... By the way, what are you suggesting?

REBECA: I'm not suggesting anything, it's like I told you, I need these profiles... Wait, Giuliani? The mayor?

ELENA: Sure, listen to me...

Elena gets tense, defensive. Rebeca analyzes her strange reaction. Elena crosses her arms, closing it, saying come get me. You can not reach me. Rebeca suspects. Is it?

ELENA: He is an excellent man. If you are chasing him, you're on the wrong track. Now please, you must go because I have some chores to finish. Yes?

Elena stands before Rebeca answer anything.

Rebeca decides to leave, it is enough. For now.

Rebeca goes away.

Away from Elena's home, walking on the street, she hears a screaming noise echoing through the air. Suddenly, silence.

She looks back and she sees two men in black running to a car, which comes out in a hurry making skid marks.

Rebeca decides to run back to the house. The door is opened...

And many broken objects on the ground. She walks slowly to the kitchen. Please no! No! No! - She thinks.

Elena's blood drips on the floor. Her eyes almost lifeless facing Rebeca.

You can hear her struggling for a lot of air, until no more. Matter of seconds.

Rebeca can't react, she only gets locked in an expression of shock.

There is nothing to be done.


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