Devil's Grey - Episode 5 "The Child Who Hides" Part 2 of 2
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Shadow enters the house, and before anything...

Gabriel, sitting in a chair, lights a lamp.

Shadow is surprised and expect an explanation.

GABRIEL: I did what you asked me.

SHADOW: How did you get here?

GABRIEL: It's a joke, honey?

SHADOW: Forget it. So what did you find out?

GABRIEL: Two of my men. And another, an employee of a large trafficking boss.

SHADOW: Two of your?

GABRIEL: F***, what are you doing now Shadow? Going after Big John? Really?

SHADOW: I'm not after anyone.

GABRIEL: Well he knows who you are. And he also knows that Rebeca Ericson character. You guys are marked. I don't know if I can protect you this time.

SHADOW: I don't need protection. Give me the names.

GABRIEL: So much eagerness, sweety... I took care of my men. I paid the difference. Stay calm, everything is good.

Gabriel laughes, showing all his teeth. Delighting in the situation, while Shadow just observes. Quiet.

SHADOW: And the other? Who is it?

GABRIEL: Jerrod.


GABRIEL: Yes, you heard right... Your former... Partner. Jerrod.

Gabriel laughes again, as if watching a comedy film, analyzing the stiffness of Shadow's expression, tense. Perhaps afraid, is that it?

SHADOW: He was out of the country, he...

GABRIEL: Why so tense?

And then he rises toward Shadow. Approaches, lurking, ready to bite. He decides to wait, likes the hunting.

SHADOW: Why does he work for Big John?

GABRIEL: Business is business. Pleasure is just...

Gabriel strokes Shadow's face, who dodges.


And laughs. The laughter echoed in the apartment.

GABRIEL: And now what?

SHADOW: It's after us.

GABRIEL: Behind her, sweety. After her.

SHADOW: I work with her!

GABRIEL: Bullshit! You use her! I know who you are, there is no room for lies here...

SHADOW: You don't know what you're talking about!

GABRIEL: I know you very well.

Gabriel walks toward a bottle of Martini. Grab a glass, pour two fingers of the drink and take it all at once.

GABRIEL: Smooth. It's just like water. Only it's not.

Laughes, while he drops the cup on the counter.

Shadow approaches him.

SHADOW: You... You need to help me.

He gets closer. Gabriel smiles with malice.

GABRIEL: There's your true self... Whom I have not seen for a long time and... I must admit... I was missing.

SHADOW: Torres, I must find Jerrod.

GABRIEL: And do what? Kill him?

SHADOW: I don't know. It doesn't matter!

Gabriel grabs Shadow's throat tightly. Shadow doesn't show any reaction, just looks at him, waiting for his next move. Gabriel does not let go. He enjoys... Flirts... Smiles.

GABRIEL: You're making quite a debt, don't you think?

SHADOW: What does this mean?

Gabriel approaches his face and whispers to Shadow.

GABRIEL: That eventually you will be my slave to pay it...

And kiss his lips. Shadow takes a deep breath, Gabriel follows him. Eyes fixed on each other.

SHADOW: So in this case I need one more favor...

And he approaches Gabriel, kissing him firmly for a long time. Shadows cover the hot bodies... Bridgeport, by the window, is a mere spectator.

ROBERT: What the hell!

REBECA: I found what you wanted.

ROBERT: Yeah, I know, give me a minute...

Robert gets up and wanders around the office. Rebeca waits.

ROBERT: Is there a way of knowing if it's John or Hall?

REBECA: Absolutely! Maybe one or the two of them. Doesn't matter. At this point, you need to escape...

ROBERT: They would catch me. He has many dangerous contacts!

REBECA: What do you expect exactly? Ending the whole operation?

ROBERT: It's the only way! Or else, we will be under the earth very soon.

Rebeca pauses. Her expression says that she made a very important discovery. Her mouth slightly opens...

REBECA: You already knew.


REBECA: You knew who was after you!

ROBERT: What are you talking about?

REBECA: At first I found it strange that you didn't know who wanted you dead, but the fact is that you already knew, before passing through my door.

Robert is silent, avoiding looking at Rebeca, as if he was embarrassed.

REBECA: You wanted me to investigate it all... Get a name to protect you... No. Not that. You wanted me to get involved.

ROBERT: Where are you going with this?

REBECA: I don't need to get anywhere. You wanted my head to also be the target of Big John and Adam Hall.

Another pause. Robert's expression changes, like someone had just been discovered by his indiscretion. He gives up.

ROBERT: I'm sorry. It was the only way.

Rebeca closes her eyes in an attempt to eliminate some of her headache.

REBECA: The only way to... what exactly?

ROBERT: Survival.

REBECA: Survival?

ROBERT: I thought if you were involved, well, maybe it would improve my chances. And I do not care if it is jail.

REBECA: They would kill you there. They order murders like that all the time.


REBECA: I can not believe it. It was all an act, but congratulations, you got what you wanted. We have a murdered woman, mother of two small children and I with my neck plunged in all this crap!

ROBERT: So I guess... There is no alternative other then to help me, right?

Big John goes down a flight of stairs to a dimly lit basement. There, he meets a man.

MAN: It's here, sir.

BIG JOHN: You think you can do the job?

MAN: Certainly, sir.

BIG JOHN: I want them here until midnight. And please, don't make it messy, I hate dirt on the floor.

The observant man, in the basement, observes around him, imagining the scene. And feel good, happy. Today is the day.

Big John takes out a handkerchief and blows his nose while climbs the stairs again.

A man follows Rebeca and Robert down the streets. Both walking on the sidewalk, always looking back, checking if they are being followed. The man is patient, calm, waiting for the prey to give him a chance.

I'm following orders - he thinks. Therefore it's okay - he completes.

REBECA: Come on. C'mon. Answer it, dammit!

Rebeca insists, but Shadow doesn't answer his phone. Voicemail.

REBECA: Hey, man, answer this shit! We need to talk, things got worse. And I think we're being followed. You may also be in danger. Call me as soon as you get this!

She puts the phone away, Robert feels guilty.

ROBERT: I'm sorry for your partner, I didn't know that someone besides you would be involved.

REBECA: I don't give a shit what you're talking about. I don't believe a word! I should go away and leave you here to rot!

ROBERT: Please don't do that.

REBECA: You said yourself that has nothing to lose... What you have to live for, huh?

ROBERT: Because someday I hope... I hope... To forgive myself for all of this.

Those words fell like a bomb in Rebeca's ears. He stares her and she looks away, watching if someone followed them.

REBECA: I think we are safe here... At least for now.

ROBERT: I should use what I know against them anyway.

REBECA: It's no use. You're only one, well, now we are two. The deal is that they are many and has many weapons.

ROBERT: But if... If we are already dead, why not to make one last big move?

REBECA: What are you suggesting?

ROBERT: I have connections... I know someone I can contact, you know, to pass the message.

REBECA: And what is the message?

ROBERT: Our lives in exchange of their secret. If they don't leave us alone, we will expose Adam Hall.

REBECA: They know we can't prove it.

ROBERT: I can.

Rebeca stops everything and looks at Robert with curious eyes, wondering what he has up his sleeve. It was everything she thought long ago, when she thought it was strange that he was facing the whole operation.

REBECA: But is it worth our lives?

ROBERT: The evidence? You can be sure of that. Now... If they are willing to negotiate...

REBECA: It would never work, but either way, it's not an exact science.

ROBERT: Exactly.

The man approaches Rebeca's building. Look up, staring her window. Grab his phone and dials.

MAN: I'm coming in... Start to pray.

The man hangs up.

And enter the building, quiet, with all patience in the world, hoping to satisfy his psychopath need to kill.

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