Devil's Grey - Episode 6 "West Side Connections" Part 1 of 2
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Rebeca confined in the bathroom, while Robert waits in the room.

DAVIS: It's ironic, isn't it?


DAVIS: This time it was not you who was too much involved in the case. The case that was too much involved with you.

Rebeca pauses to think about what Davis is saying in the phone.

REBECA: Yeah, yeah...

DAVIS: I don't want you to get hurt Rebeca.

REBECA: I promise I'll be careful.

DAVIS: Tell me what is really going on...

REBECA: I broke some promises alrerady Davis. You don't have to get involved... In fact, you can't.

DAVIS: I just hope it doesn't end up badly.

REBECA: What I did and what I still going to do... If it is illegal... Depends only on perspective.

DAVIS: You seem sincere.

REBECA: It depends on who is looking...

DAVIS: Rebeca, don't do anything that's going to make you regret, okay? You went through a lot of shit, you deserve some peace. I beg you.

REBECA: I need to go.

DAVIS: Rebeca...


And hangs up the phone.

She leaves the bathroom and passes through the bedroom. She stops. Stands in the room for a moment, she feels Robert's absense, suddenly everything is silent. Rebeca sees her gun on the nightstand.

She goes to the nightstand and pulls out her gun, unlocks and walks slowly into the another room, pointing the gun forward.

In alertness.

Upon entering the room, she finds nothing. Only the opened door. She continues slowly combing through the apartment.

Nobody. Robert was gone.

REBECA: Damn it!

In a rage, she kicks the chair, which falls to the side.

She tries to catch her breath, but she just breathe anxiously, wondering what could have happened. Robert was away? He was taken? Why she didn't hear anything? If there was a struggle, why there aren't signs? And if... The worst had happened, why she was spared?

Shadow meets a man, not very happy to see him.

MAN: I thought you were dead.

SHADOW: I could say the same about you.

MAN: F***. Why would I help you?

SHADOW: The favor is not for me, is for Torres.

MAN: The worst part of taking favors from that man is that you never know when you finished paying.

SHADOW: I understand this better than anyone.

The man hesitates, then relaxes, finally sees Shadow tone of questioning.

MAN: What do you need?

SHADOW: I heard that Jerrod is in town...

MAN: Oh, dude, get the f*** outta here!

The man is indignant, wanders sideways, barely sees Shadow. Shadow stops, analyzing him, waiting for him to contribute to his hunt.

SHADOW: I need to find him. It is urgent!

MAN: Look, man, I don't handle the likes of him, did you listen me? I mean, the guy is insane... You never know what he'll do next.

SHADOW: Therefore I have to find him. There's a hit to the head of an acquaintance of mine and it seems that Jerrod is in charge.

MAN: Oh, oh, oh...

The man smiled without humor, but as if he had seen something unbelievable right in front of him.

MAN: Man, I did not want to be that person in Jerrod's crosshairs, okay?

SHADOW: And me neither.

MAN: What makes you think I know where he is?

SHADOW: You may not know where but you know who knows...

The man is thoughtful, deciding whether to help or not. For old times? - He asks in thought. Damn it!

MAN: Listen... There's a woman in West Side.

SHADOW: Lower part?

MAN: Yeah, yeah... In the lower part. Listen, she can help you. If Jerrod is in town then he must be active in some scheme for sure... And Reddie is the only one who can help you find him!

SHADOW: Thanks. See you later.

MAN: One more thing... If you come back alive from Jerrod... Ah, nevermind.

The man turns his back and walks away while laughing. What would he say? Doesn't matter? Why so afraid of Jerrod...?

SHADOW: I got your message, what happened?

Rebeca sees her notebook, as if seeing something of extreme importance. Shadow follow her eyes and slowly approaches.

REBECA: You need to see this.

SHADOW: What is it, doc?

He looks at the content on the screen.

REBECA: How a man so important as Adam Hall would be so careless?

SHADOW: I don't see anything.

REBECA: Look at this! Pictures of him and some associates of Big John.

SHADOW: And they are all in different kinds of business, just spending time together. I see nothing about it.

REBECA: These men work, or are somehow connected with accounting firms who launders the money from the operation.

SHADOW: This is the important document, the great proof that Robert left for you before disappearing?

REBECA: I'm sure he was kidnapped!

SHADOW: If this is true, how would he know that he would be kidnapped in time to let the document on a pen drive for you, doctor?

REBECA: I don't know, it was just there in the room... He must have dropped it, it is obvious that he kept the pen drive in his pocket, to be a chance to survive...

SHADOW: What means that he really was kidnapped and he did left the pen drive with you...

REBECA: I need to find him.

SHADOW: There's no way to do this without notifying the police.

REBECA: Watch me!

SHADOW: Rebeca, if you get caught in the middle of an FBI case, you can go to jail, doc!

REBECA: There are worse places than jail...

Rebeca gets up and leaves the office. Shadow hesitates, but then goes with her and closes the door very loudly.

Shadow goes to the Lower West Side looking for Reddie.

He enters the establishment...

And goes to the back. Suddenly he feels the stench of incense.

SHADOW: Reddie?

REDDIE: You're Shadow? I was waiting for you.

SHADOW: Lil Bird sent me here. He said you could help me find someone.

REDDIE: He mentioned something like that. What do you expect me to find?

SHADOW: Jerrod. You know him?

REDDIE: Oh yes. And I'll tell you one thing, this guy is nothing if not bad news. Why do you want to find him?

SHADOW: Don't get me wrong, but it's personal.

REDDIE: Okay... I just wouldn't like to see a cute guy like you get hurt...

SHADOW: I can handle myself, thank you.


Shadow begins to wonder what people think about Jerrod, if he remains with the same reputation and if it is worse now.

REDDIE: In this case, I think I should also say that he is looking for you.

SHADOW: I thought he was.

REDDIE: Yes. Want to know where?


REDDIE: You know The Palace? Leaving the city?

SHADOW: I know enough. Is he there?

REDDIE: And awaiting for you.

Shadow feels a chill to learn that Jerrod might be a step ahead. Why he is waiting?

Rebeca finds Big John's car with Tyson's help and follows him through the city.

Not a big deal yet, but she may find Robert Langley eventually.

She begins to wonder if it's too late for him too. She decides in case she can't do anything about the lives of those involved, she can very well take the business forward to the Bridgeport Police Department.

Big John gets off his car and starts to talk to another man on the sidewalk. She watches them, hoping that they give some important clue.

Coming out of the darkness, a gunman hits with the tip of his gun against Rebeca's car window, she gets scared.

MAN: Get out!

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