Devil's Grey - Episode 6 "West Side Connections" Part 2 of 2
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Rebeca obeys, tense, wondering what she can do to get out of that situation. Is it possible that Davis is seeing this? Hope it is not too late. - She wishes.

MAN: You're really brave and stupid, aren't you? You could have stepped out, but you prefer the risks.

REBECA: Dude, I have nothing important going on, I have nothing against your employer. I'll leave you alone, I promise.

MAN: Why should I believe you?

REBECA: You are pointing a gun at me in the middle of the street, this shouldn't be your finest moment. Are you going to kill me right here?

The man ponders. Perhaps imagining the places where he could just shoot a bullet between Rebeca's eyes and not be seen. She's right - he understands.

MAN: You are a very lucky girl. Stop following my boss. Here, a worker to another... We are small fish. You can't stop the big machine.

DAVIS: Put the gun down.

Davis, in fact, appears and points his gun at the man's head. Coming out of the darkness, to Rebeca's surprise and relief, who was already imagining having to pull off her gun in a confrontation that she might not come out alive.

After the man's arrest, Davis seems to be thinking too much, as if he's about to give bad news without knowing how to do it.

REBECA: Say what you have to say. Nothing will surprise me anymore today. What the f***!

DAVIS: I can't say anything.

REBECA: Excuse me?

Rebeca doesn't understand, making an unprecedented expression for Davis, of confusion. The cold air settles.

DAVIS: You had told me that you couldn't tell me what was that you were involved. I must be pretty dumb not to know it was something like that. Besides, your name appeared quite often in the FBI in these past few days.

REBECA: My name?

DAVIS: Yeah, Rebeca! You follow these guys all the time. Good news! They do it too! It's the FBI job, after all. The case is not yours!

REBECA: But...

DAVIS: Relax. You don't have a problem.

REBECA: Hey! I also have friends in the FBI...

DAVIS: Yeah, right!

Davis laughes, mocking Rebeca, who is indignant. The night surrounding them, uniting in a masochistic relationship.

REBECA: Suck me! I dealing with this perfectly. You're just jealous because I'm back in business...

DAVIS: Make me laugh. Jealous? Have you lost your mind?

REBECA: You got it, dude. Don't try to hide it.

DAVIS: So it's worse than I thought...

REBECA: Yeah. I give up.

DAVIS: You're the strongest woman I know!

REBECA: You say that to all women...

Davis lets out a relaxed laugh. You are nothing and it is everything to me - he thinks.

DAVIS: Yes, but for you it's true.

REBECA: Wow, thank you, please, you're welcome.

DAVIS: Now, tell me what I really need to know.

REBECA: Damn...

DAVIS: You won't let a situation of risk, especially if someone's life is involved, with no one to solve it. I mean, really.

REBECA: F***. I'll tell you. Besides, this is outside my league. You know, I never thought that things would get so much complicated when I accepted Elena Back as my client.

DAVIS: Imagine my surprise.

REBECA: So won't like to know what I'll say next...


REBECA: It's about Frederic Back... Your childhood buddy.

DAVIS: He isn't... Bite me, Rebeca, spill it...

Rebeca can't choose something else if not to involve the police and perhaps close the case in a reasonable manner. And with life.

Big John goes down in the basement and finds Robert Langley tied in the chair.

Robert contorts, his eyes anounces what will happen to him soon. The final gasps, he already knows. There isn't more to be done. He can't protect himself anymore, or escape, he can just accept his fate.

Big John gets closer to Robert and almost whispers.

BIG JOHN: It's time to throw you to the sharks.

And lets out a sinister laugh that echoes through the basement. His men doesn't react, just watch.

BIG JOHN: But first, on behalf of all the good things you did for me, I'll tell you a little secret...

He turns to his men and make gestures with his arm for them to leave. His men climb the stairs.

Everything seems in slow motion to Robert, who feels like he's in the edge of a cliff so high he can't see the bottom.

BIG JOHN: Now... Between you and me.

And smiles.

It's the last thing you'll see, now - Robert concludes.

Rebeca answers the door to the sound of the bell furiously insistent.

She opens the door and finds Mercedes upset with all the makeup smudged. Mercedes enters as a hurricane in her apartment.

MERCEDES: I did a horrible thing, corazon. Perdona me, perdona me.

REBECA: What happened? Who did this?

MERCEDES: A man appeared in the District and was doeing several questions about you, corazon.

REBECA: How so?

MERCEDES: I don't know how, don't ask me, but he knew who I am. That I know about you... About...

REBECA: Stay calm. Want some water?

Rebeca tries to comfort her, but Mercedes is very agitated, pacing back and forth. Rebeca get stuck.

Mercedes turns to face her.

MERCEDES: No. Listen, chica.

REBECA: What exactly did you told him?

MERCEDES: He wanted to know about your life, who are your friends, where you live, work. At the same time I thought he already knew all this and was just having fun with me. One moment he said that he was your friend and wanted to surprise you and another time he said that he didn't know you.

MERCEDES: I even thought he was drunk or drugged, but then... And I recognize that when I see it... He was perverse. Crazy. Por dios, chica! Be careful please, please!

Mercedes sits on the couch, Rebeca gets near her.

REBECA: Stay calm. I'll be careful. And what he answered?

MERCEDES: I kept changing the subject all the time, I thought he'd never leave. He grabbed me and I got slapped.

REBECA: My goodness, are you fine?

MERCEDES: Oh, corazon, I get slapped all the time. I do't care for that.

Mercedes loses a smile of pride, as if it was the most normal thing in the world. Maybe in her world. Rebeca gets ten percent relieved.

REBECA: There wasn't anything you could do! Now be quiet and let me handle this. What he's looked like?

MERCEDES: Blond, tall, has a mole under his eye. He is a sadistic guy...

MERCEDES: Sorry, corazon, it's all I can say. Lo siento. Mucho. Sorry.

Rebeca begins to think and try to remember if she know someone with these characteristics. Was he after her? It's the hitman hired to end her life?

Rebeca goes to the window, enjoy a bit of her natural drug. The Bridgeport's view, dark gray. And lights up a cigarette.

Shadow walks down the road to find the hotel in which Reddie had spoken Jerrod was awaiting. What was inside? F*** it, I'm prepared - he sets for himself.

He finds the room that had been assigned to the meeting and hesitates to open the door. Perhaps in the last moment a person stops to think again, as someone reconsidering suicide while missing ten storeys to reach the ground.

Finally the door opens. The room is flooded with darkness everywhere. The light from the lamp is quite weak, the smell of cheap disinfectant makes its way up Shadow's nose and gets stuck.

He slowly walks through the room and find some photos of Rebeca scattered on the bed. He makes an expression of who has just discovered something very obvious.

Jerrod: Finally.

He is standing in front of the bathroom door, posing with much arrogance, and a sadistic smile on his face.

Shadow gets scared and looks to his left, following the sound of Jerrod's voice.

Shadow's mind is filled with bitter memories of the past. A shiver goes through him from the inside.

Jerrod: You won't say anything?

And lets out a laughter as he walks slowly toward Shadow. Getting face to face.

Jerrod: So I may have to do the talking. Hello, Shadow.

He smiles.

And attacks.

Both fall to the ground, rolling, exchanging punches.

Jerrod changes completely, becoming extremely violent and stronger than he looks. Shadow has no chance.

Jerrod gets tired after a while and raises a laugh, as if just playing with Shadow.

I mean no harm - seems so. It's just a joke. Right.

Shadow still on the ground. Looking for the exit door, now closed.

Facing the bear near the door.

SHADOW: You...

Insists. Then falters.

The bear.

Remember me? - Defies the bear. Smiling, sadistic, perverted.

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