Devil's Grey - Episode 7 "The Closer" SEASON FINALE Part 1 of 3
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DAVIS: And we are, again, in a very bad situation.


DAVIS: I must say I'm a little disappointed with you, Rebeca.

REBECA: You can stick your disappointment in your...

DAVIS: Calm down. Slowly.

Rebeca walks to the window. She feels that for the first time she's not the one who's beeing judged by the city, but the opposite.

Davis is close behind her. And speaking directly into her ear.

DAVIS: I could stay here listing your flaws and blaming you and judging you. Instead I will just thank you.

REBECA: This is new.

DAVIS: The fact is that there is a good chance of the FBI closing the case and all that is due to you.

REBECA: No. It's due to the courage of Robert Langley.

DAVIS: We can only do so much...

REBECA: I failed.

DAVIS: That's a matter of perspective.

REBECA: Mine is straight forward.

DAVIS: Your is blurry.

Rebeca agonizes in thought, wondering his whereabouts. In the back of her mind, she knows he is no more.

Life can be short and unfair. His crimes may never see the light of day. The truth may not set you free. Sometimes there is no chance of escape what awaits you.

Robert bleeds on the floor, eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling. What can be said about his final moments? What was he thinking?

At least he tried to correct his mistakes. Even for selfish reasons, do some good instead of pure evil.

Jerrod continues to beat Shadow, who barely reacts to bumps on his face and stomach.

He can feel the taste of blood, almost fainting. Jerrod is winning, what he wants?

Jerrod throws Shadow against the wall, grabs his neck tightly and don't let go.

JERROD: Always very weak. You are exactly the person I remembered.

SHADOW: And you're still the same sadistic bastard.

JERROD: I prefer to think that I found my true god.

And Jerrod loose a loud laughter, still holding Shadow's neck.

JERROD: Still doing the same dirty services as always? Unlike you, I evolved. I went further. Of course I would not expect the same from you... No, no...

SHADOW: I've changed, yes. And I don't do these dirty services you have in mind!

JERROD: This is good. I don't believe you, your liar faggot.

And punches Shadow's face, who's barely able to open his eyes after. Blood on the wall and on his face.

JERROD: Wake up! Open your eyes, you f***ing coward! Be a man at least once in your life.

Jerrod grabs him and throws him to the ground. Shadow is agonizing on the floor, unable to stand, even with much effort. The blood drips on the floor, the smell of disinfectant comes up again.

SHADOW: Why are you after Rebeca? Who put you behind this?

He can speak almost haltingly, trying to catch his breath.

JERROD: And who is this Rebeca? Your girlfriend?

Shadow coughs some blood on the floor and lie on his side to face Jerrod, who is approaching, bowing to the ground to get very close to Shadow.

JERROD: Tell me something, Shadow... Did you sucked her p**** already?

And laughs.

Shadow gets up and hits Jerrod with a punch in the face, who staggers back with the thud. He's surprised.

I lowered my guard - he thinks.

SHADOW: Shut up!

He can barely speak. Feeling the awful taste of blood still in his mouth, increasing. And then imagining that he must be very hurt.

Jerrod approaches again.

JERROD: Pissed? Just because I asked about Beca's p****?

Shadow hits him again and Jerrod almost falls into the bed laughing, amused to see that Shadow finally managed to react.

JERROD: It's funny because I always thought you were c*** sucker. Isn't that what they called you years ago?

Jerrod makes a face of confusion and disgust.

SHADOW: You don't know me!

JERROD: Disgusting, man! Shame to be you...

And laughs of derision, while waiting for a new reaction from Shadow.

Shadow decides that it is enough and he walks to the door.

JERROD: Stay calm. She is no longer my target. My client canceled the hit. That bitch got lucky!

SHADOW: Then why are you in town?

JERROD: Reliving old times. Don't you miss the old days?


Jerrod goes to Shadow. Face to face.

JERROD: Of course not... Me? I rather enjoyed myself. Still have those scars?

Shadow is annoyed and feels like a ten year old boy afraid of the bogeymen. Jerrod realizes, recognizes his effect near people. It feeds him.

JERROD: Calm down, man. Why so serious?

And laughs. After giving a good caricatured scare in Shadow, who closes his eyes reflexively.

Jerrod continues laughing and walks inside, near the bed.

JERROD: We're still going to bump into each other eventually. This was fun. I'm all energyzed. I think I'll go out for a couple of drinks... Care to join? Who knows, maybe bang some bitches...?

He laughs loudly.

JERROD: Oops! Oh yeah, you wouln't like it! Sorry...

Jerrod is still laughing at himself.

Shadow walks away and slams the door.

Rebeca, very carefully, help Shadow to sit on the couch.

SHADOW: Ouch...

REBECA: Sorry. Shadow, who did this to you?

SHADOW: Don't worry. Everything is under control, doc.

REBECA: I doubt that very much. Are you sure? I've never seen you so...

SHADOW: I have. And you have to think about other things now.

REBECA: This is absurd. I won't think in my case now with you in this state.

SHADOW: Seriously doctor, everything is good. This was nothing.

Rebeca decides to move away a bit and looks at him with affection and attention. Worried about what might happen next, wondering if it is her fault.

SHADOW: We have to find Robert.

REBECA: Unfortunately it is too late for that. But we can still save Frederic Back. I will not stand to lose anyone else!

SHADOW: So that's what we do.

REBECA: You rest there. And sleep a lot. Davis and I are working on it.

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