Devil's Grey - Episode 7 "The Closer" SEASON FINALE Part 2 of 3
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Shadow is discouraged.

SHADOW: Ah... Davis.

REBECA: He already knows everything. I had to tell him. Things got out of our control. The case got bigger than all. He had to know we need to get help.

SHADOW: Congratulations, doctor, you closed the case.

REBECA: I don't know if I deserve congratulations, but I closed the damn case!

SHADOW: We did what we could do. They were already marked to die before entering in your office. It was not our responsibility.

REBECA: And thanks to the courage of a man, the FBI has the best chance in seven years to close this case, or at least most of it.

SHADOW: Night, doctor.

REBECA: Good night, Shadow.

And the light illuminates the city, even if their spirits are weary and wandering in the thought that things did not ended as they should.

Rebeca makes an insistent face in trying to make Frederic change his mind about her proposal.

He doesn't show any willingness to help.

FREDERIC: I have two small children, I can't do what you're asking me!

REBECA: You already are in great danger, its the least and most important, its the only thing you can do now. Take control. Be strong and take control of the situation.

FREDERIC: I'm a dead man if I make a deal with the FBI, so its the same, the difference is that I can try to get escape if I'm free.

REBECA: Are you willing to risk Adam Hall using your children against you?

FREDERIC: That's not it. They are safe, they are out of town. He can not find them.

REBECA: He's a powerful man. He can do whatever he wants. It should not be hard to find two children. That is, if he thinks it is necessary to end the threat that you are at this moment.

FREDERIC: I must leave the country, it's my only way out.

REBECA: You were part of the Big John and Adam Hall drug operation. And that covers the whole country, imagine that the government will not spare any effort to find him. Remember that the only leverage you have is your need to leave the scheme. And you can only do this if you help the police.

FREDERIC: Yes, I know, but I... No...

Frederic tires. Gives up arguing.

Rebeca imagine new ways to convince him.

REBECA: Frederic. It's the last time I'll ask... Either you make a deal with the FBI in exchange for immunity and protection and help in the case, or you'll be a dead man. Please, do the right thing.

FREDERIC: I've made my decision.


FREDERIC: I'll flee from the country. And that's it!

Rebeca is thoughtful, doesn't skimp on the face of disappointment.

There is only one more thing to be done.

For the old police detective times - she thinks.

REBECA: You know what I think?

And then she gets up and goes to the door.

She looks Frederic again.

REBECA: I think I got a clean confession you. Good luck in prison.

Rebeca opens the door and goes away. Shortly after, FBI agents enter the house announcing that Frederic Back is under arrest.

REBECA: Do you think my pen drive's content plus Frederic's confession is enough to start the prosecution?

PHILLIP: I think we have enough to make some arrests. It's just the beginning, but it's a nice start. Adam Hall is a great find, agent number one.

Rebeca smiles.

Davis looks Phillip with a strange face, confused by his intimacy with her.

Davis gets closer to her ear and asks.

DAVIS: Agent number one? What the...

REBECA: It is an old nickname...

DAVIS: Holy sh...

REBECA: Hey, this is between me and the FBI, ok?

DAVIS: No need to be rude like that.

REBECA: Seriously, Davis?


REBECA: Dude, no. Just, no...

Davis gets confused and Rebeca keeps smiling to Phillip.

Rebeca and Davis, lying in bed, looking up and sideways. The city noises are muffled by the window. The feeling is that the truth was finally heard.

REBECA: It'll never work.

DAVIS: Don't quit now. Look, if you must know, in my opinion, and I don't care what others think, you are an excellent private detective.

REBECA: I don't... I didn't mean that, but thanks.

DAVIS: What then?

REBECA: We-We will never work.

DAVIS: I know.

Rebeca is surprised with Davis. And leans a little, leaning on her elbow.

REBECA: You know? I mean, do you agree?

DAVIS: I wasn't supposed to agree?

REBECA: No, of course, you have your own thoughts. Agrees and disagrees with whatever you want.

He also leans.

DAVIS: Tell me...

REBECA: You can find whatever you want whenever you want. I'm not trying to control you.

DAVIS: Tell me... Let me finish for christ sakes!


DAVIS: We don't work. Sure. But there are those moments, I mean, at least for me...


DAVIS: It feels so right.

REBECA: Exactly. It feels so right.

DAVIS: Why can't we make it work? It's a big conspiracy.

REBECA: I also can't understand. I mean, we tried, didn't we? Didn't we?

DAVIS: No, yes, we tried... A lot.

He makes a face.

REBECA: Sometimes things just don't work. Period. Without over analyzing anything.

DAVIS: Yeah.


DAVIS: Yes... You are right.

REBECA: And now what do we do? Will things continue casual?

DAVIS: Let's not kid ourselves, Rebeca, after all we already past 40...

Rebeca's face gets serious. Davis realizes.

REBECA: Who has 40?

DAVIS: You... Me. I have. You don't.

REBECA: Honey, for your information I did 35 this year!

DAVIS: Is that so... But you... You've done 35 many times. I mean, how many times one can do... Can do... 35?

Rebeca doesn't answer, just stares at him in silence. Davis ponders.

Rebeca gets up and leaves.

DAVIS: Beca... Come back...

Rebeca gets out of the elevator...

And Shadow is found waiting at the door of her apartment.

REBECA: What are you doing here?

SHADOW: Bringing news.

Shadow follows.

They walk into the living room.

REBECA: What happened?

SHADOW: Robert Langley.

REBECA: They found him?

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