Devil's Grey - Episode 7 "The Closer" SEASON FINALE Part 3 of 3
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SHADOW: Yes, they found. I'm sorry, doctor.


SHADOW: The police found him in the woods outside the city. They dropped his body there.

Rebeca doesn't react and need to sit down. She puts her hands in her eyes, as if trying to inhibit a large cascade of tears. Shadow slowly approaches.

SHADOW: Big John's men. I'm sure.

REBECA: Yes... Case closed.

SHADOW: There is nothing you could do, doc.

REBECA: I know, Shadow... I know. But I...

She gets up and goes to the kitchen while lighting a cigarette. Shadow follows.

She takes a long drag.

SHADOW: If you need me...


SHADOW: I know that the last thing you need now is a new case or thinking about work at all.

REBECA: No. That's exactly what I need. Focus on... Work.

SHADOW: Ok. I'll see what I can do.

REBECA: Shadow...


REBECA: Thank you for everything.

She approaches him and smiles a lot. Shadow smiles back.

REBECA: I can never pay you for your help!

SHADOW: No need, doctor.

REBECA: In that case...

She hugs him, leaving him surprised.

After a few seconds, he smells her neck...

And makes his way to Rebeca's lips, kissing them with passion.

Rebeca walks away at the same time and pushes him lightly.


Shadow walks away like a lightning. Rebeca doesn't know what to do.


Shadow gets home in a hurry...

And runs to his refrigerator. Grab a beer.

And shoots toward the couch, where he throws himself and dives in thought.

I can not believe I did that - he thinks.

SHADOW: What's wrong with you, Shadow? Idiot!

He sprawls on the couch, takes a sip of beer and closes his eyes.

After a moment, he opens his eyes and fixes them on the floor near the couch.

The bear.

Shadow gets up and looks for something, the area around the apartment. Nothing.

He checks all the rooms and nothing. Nobody. Only the bear.

Comes back to the room and sees the bear. Suddenly he realizes that Jerrod is not going away anytime soon.

F***er! - He swears Jerrod in thought.

The doorbell startles Rebeca, who rises from her bed and walks to the door.

Opens the door. Nothing, just a package on the floor.

She picks it up and goes back to the living room.

Open the package, finds a CD and nothing else. She goes to her notebook and put the CD to run.

Rebeca realize that this is a execution video of Robert Langley.

Robert Langley is in the chair, tied up, listening to Big John to confess his sins. Or everyone's?

BIG JOHN: You are exactly where I wanted you to be. I realized that you would leave the operation and I decided it would be the perfect time to end all this bullshit. So I threw Adam Hall's name on the wheel... I let you think he was more involved in the operation than he really is. And you see, everything worked fine. The police will go after him, the FBI will think that they made a big arrest and me? I'll disappear from Bridgeport... I will expand my business out there. I'm sure Giuliani is also very grateful for you helping us dispose Hall. Do you know that... They did not get along?

And laughs.

BIG JOHN: Do you believe everyone thought that they were friends?

And laughes again, mocking.

BIG JOHN: Adam Hall is a big nothing. A puppet. A scapegoat. And you made him look like a monster, congrats... I thank you, come again.

He gives a coldly smile, along with murderers eyes, denouncing what will happen soon.

BIG JOHN: Unfortunately you can't survive... It's part of the game. But eh, you played your part perfectly... And now tell me... Paranoia doesn't do wonderful things?

Rebeca doesn't blink. A tear trickles down her cheek. The taste of injustice hangs in her throat. The laughter of Big John in the video echoes through the room.

The city seems to mock her. So much blood, so many lives lost in favor of a big lie.

The phone rings and interrupts her shock.

She answers.

VOICE: For if god spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell, and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment...

REBECA: You...

VOICE: Did you see the video I sent you?

REBECA: Why you sent it?

VOICE: So you can see it's not over. It will never be.

REBECA: I don't understand.

VOICE: It's like I always say... There are demons in this city. And you... You can't stop them. They are not good people, but being so, neither I, nor you, nor your neighbor nor Detective Davis are good. And Adam Hall... Just got what he deserved. And what we deserve... Is also coming.

REBECA: I... I can send this video to the police!

VOICE: But you won't. And you know why? Because that would mean that everyone you love would be in danger again. It's what you want?

REBECA: It can't be like this...

VOICE: You can not stop the big machine, Rebeca. You can't against these people.

REBECA: How do you know that I would not dare go to the police?

VOICE: Since that time you beat me in that nasty alley... You eventually gained my respect. At that moment I thought I'd cut your throat, and I could, don't be fooled, but then I thought better and decided to let you continue.

REBECA: I wouldn't be so sure I'll be quiet if I were you...

VOICE: I'll tell you what you'll do, you'll burn that video now and throw this thing down in your unconscious and put a massive rock on top. Forever. You got lucky this time, girl, but play with the big fish again and you will lose.

He turns the phone off.

Maybe it's true, maybe she can't defeat all the demons. The system is too strong.

But there may be chances of winning the next time...

And Rebeca feels alone. Feels all guilt.

Until she doesn't feel anything.
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