The Nature of his Beast
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Sinte sat, her knees drawn to her chest, feeling helpless and small. Micheal had turned everything over to Indie after Katie and Abby came along...EVERYTHING. Things were not great but better after they had had their talk when came back from Williamsburg. He had just said there was a lot on his mind and that he had a lot to do, not to worry that everything would be fine.
Now this.
She didn't want to seem selfish, she certainly didn't resent Katie and Abby coming along, she just wish that Micheal would have divided the duties up evenly among Indie and maybe Lock and Ezra.

She would go talk with him, maybe if she let him know what was going on he would reconsider and take some of the responsibilities he had laid on Indie away.


Micheal turned the envelope over and over in his hands, it was the DNA results. Part of him just wanted to believe Abby was his without having to had taken this measure. Over the past couple of months he had grown very attached to her and didn't know what he would do if the results showed that he wasn't her Father.
She would still need protecting regardless, and then there was Katie. She had been the only woman who had ever owned his heart, and if he was being totally honest with himself, she still did. If Abby turned out to be not his he would offer her a place within the community, it was big enough to where he wouldn't have to see her often and could still offer her safety, and if Abby was his, that was a whole other matter and he had no idea how to deal with it.
A knock at the door interrupted his thoughts. He quickly folded the envelope and put it away in his back pocket.

"Come in."

He was surprised to see Sinte peeking her head around the corner of the door.

"Is this a good time?", she asked hesitantly.

Micheal, putting down the drink he had made for himself, motioned her in.

Sinte stood in front of him, not really knowing where to start.

"Everything ok?"

"I'm not sure, I was hoping you could help me figure that out."


"You see", Sinte started nervously, "Indie and I have been growing apart a little. He seems to always be gone and more than anything I think it's just the lack of spending any time together. He's becoming more and more distant, never talking to me about anything any more, we've been reduced to strained, small talk and now he just seems to want to avoid me period.
I was wondering....well.., I know you've turned everything over to Indie here lately and was just wondering if maybe you would consider spreading it out a little, so that it's not all on him.
Even me, you know, I can do some things to help out, I'm more than willing."

Micheal studied her. She looked tired and seemed confused, as was he at the moment. He was torn between telling her how Indie had asked for more to do or keep taking the blame for a while longer, at least in Sintes' eyes. Until he could find out what was going on. After a few minutes he decided on the latter, whatever was going on was their business but if things were bad, it could start effecting everything and everyone around them. He would talk with Indie.

"I'll have a talk with Indie and some of the others, see what we can work out Sin, but no promises."

Sinte nodded and smiled weakly.

"Thank you Micheal".

Micheal touched her arm as she was going towards the door.

"Take care of yourself Sin, I'm always here for you, you know that, right?

"I know Micheal, and thank you."

She turned heading for the door, more confused than she was when she came in. Micheal was just as in the dark as she was, she could sense his uneasiness. His emotions and actions told a different story than what she was being told by Indie. She had a feeling, and somehow knew none of this was leading to good.


Micheal looked around the club. For 30 minutes he wandered around, talking with people, watching, but no sign of Indie. Finally Ian, one of the bartenders who had just came on shift said he had seen Indie about an hour before, walking back
towards the guest houses with a rousing red head hanging on his arm. Micheal thanked Ian and walked out the back of the club. He dialed Indies' number on the cell and waited.

"Hey Micheal what's up?", Indie answered a little breathlessly.

"Was just wondering if you had a few minutes to talk, meet me at the club?"

"I'll need about twenty, see you soon".

Micheal listened to the click as Indie hung up.. The guest houses were only about ten minutes walk from the club. Micheal stuck his cell in his pocket and began walking.


Indie hugged April, softly kissing her.

"When can I see you again?", she asked, the look in her eyes hopeful.

Indie smiled a little sadly as he cradled her face in his hands. "I don't know, things are.....complicated. I'll call soon though, ok?"

April nodded, kissing him a last time before walking back towards the club.

"She's very pretty", Micheal said, staring hard at Indie.

"Shit.", he muttered under his breath.

"Shit is about right",Micheal said. "Want to talk about it?"

Indie stared up at the sky , the sun was beginning to come up over the horizon. He wiped at a tear that had begun rolling down his cheek before walking towards Micheal, sitting down on a bench near the garden. Micheal pondered on whether or not to ask him about what was going on but when one was dealing with Indie, it was always best to let him start in his own time, Micheal had found that out the hard way.

"Maybe I should just go away. Sinte would be better off not knowing ."

Micheal watched his friend. He had never seen Indie so distraught. Sinte was one of the more perceptive Deviants he had ever known, he had to know she knew something was up by now.
She was very sensitive to even the slightest energy changes in someone.

"If you did that, not only would you be cheating yourself, you would be denying Sinte an explanation. She would forever wonder what happened and ultimately find a way to blame herself for it, she deserves better."

Indie was quiet for a long time before raising his head, looking at Micheal. He had a somber expression that was hard to read. Micheal knew he was fighting hard, he just didn't know against what.

"I love her."

"You love Sinte?"


"And your in lust with April..."

"April, Jessica, Amanda, Brittney..."

"Impressive list....."

"Look Micheal, I never promised Sinte I would be faithful, as a matter of fact I explained in great detail that I probably wouldn't be able to. At first she accepted it, she told me she didn't care who I did what with, as long as I always came back to her. She said the only thing she would ask is that I never mention it to her, and that when I was with her, I was with her, not
thinking of someone else. And I did that, when I'm with Sinte, she is everything to me and I treat her as such. I would rather cut my right arm off than to hurt her.
But ever since the incident with Lotus and Cadence.... I don't know, she changed. I would love to be able to be faithful to her, I really would. But you know what I am, it 's the nature of my beast. I don't know what to do...I don't want to lose her, she means the world to me, but I can't be what she demands I be...."

"Have you tried talking with her?"

"Yes, several times, she don't want to hear, she thinks i should hit Doc up and see if he can find some pill for my..'disorder'....."

Indie let his words trail off, not really knowing anything else to say. He was what he was , and still he would always be looked at as the bad guy. No one would ever be able to look at him and see or even care that this was killing him too, that he was hurting just as much.
Having set his mind, he knew what he had to do.

"Your going to talk with her?"

Indie only nodded .

"You don't have a disorder Indie, your a's just your way".

Indie smiled slightly at Micheal before leaving.

Micheal knew what was coming and absolutely hated the outcome he saw happening. Indie was right, he is what he is, and Sinte understood that from the beginning, on the other hand, Indie knew what Sinte needed and should have never agreed to anything more.


Micheal made his way back to his office, his heart heavy, his head going in all different directions. Sighing he again picked up the envelope lying on his desk.
Not really in the mood to torture himself with not knowing, he ripped the top off and lifted the piece of paper out.
He took in a deep breath and began to read the results.
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