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"Your dream Lola, ah! now that's easy. The man you are dreaming about is your soul-mate."
"My soul-mate?"
"Yes, your soul-mate. Your meant to be. The one who was born to love you and you love him in return. The Hebrew name for soul-mate is b'sheirt. The word is pronounced as 'besheirt', and it also means the 'intended', one chosen by God for the purpose of marriage. Hebrews considers marriage a sacred vow and therefore they believe that one's spouse is chosen by G-d."
I felt my eyebrow raised. A curious trait I appeared to have gotten from my father, Glarn. "And how do you know this?"
Ming laughed again. "Part of our Cross Culture training, remember?"
Yeah, I remember, up there with how to ride a Camel and still look like a lady.
"So, what your saying, I'm dreaming about my future husband?"
Ming laughed. "Sounds like it to me. That's when I first saw Singh In my dreams. I remember dreaming about my love a year before we met. My mother often told tales of souls across through even time and space to find each other. It appears in your case, Lola, that your souls are reaching out across the universe."
I shook my head and took another bite of my grill cheese. A soul-mate? Somewhere, out there? It seem so far fetch, so science friction. But then, wasn't I an half alien? Live in Strangetown? Wasn't the age of Space Travel and I was sitting in the kitchen of my best friend, an alien?
Why not dream of a love out there, somewhere....
"His face," Ming's voice broke into my thoughts.
"What about it?"
"So close you can touch it? You can inhale his scent?"
I swallowed. "Yes."
"I wish you to try something. The next time, you dream of your Vulcan, reach out and touch his face."
"Then what?"
"Then wait and see what happens."

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