NCI Comic Shorts - The Adventures Of Superman (Sims 2 Edition)
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Editorial Notes
Greetings, fellow Simmers. NCI Comics introduces short comic strips from the small adventures of the one and only Superman.
The story begins with Issue 1, and is available for download as a Simlish written transcript, from my game mod's Gaming Magazine replacement.
Other issues wll be introduced as they're produced, though not available as mod replacements. The following comics portray
the events of Clark Kent in dealing with small time crime and other mischievous occurences. Comedy is the intent. Not laugh out loud
comedy, but more from the silly humor that runs rampant throughout The Sims 2 game. So, enjoy these short strips...and don't bother
me too much about making new ones, lol. Also, if you enjoy these comic shorts, you may leave your thanks by clicking the button below.
Only registered members of MTS' forum can use this function. Also check out the new classic uniform for Superman on ModTheSims!

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Next: -------- Issue 1 -------- A Distressed Damsel
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