Homework Later
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Homework Later

Once upon a time there was a little girl named Sarah that sometimes really hated to do her homework.


All day long at school Sarah day dreamed of going out to play in the sunshine. She watched the clock at school waiting for the bell to ring so she could catch her bus home. At the last minute her teacher gave out the homework assignments.
"Awwww," Sarah whined. Normally Sarah was very good about getting her homework done. Her mother insisted on,
"Getting it done right away, then it is out of the way."
Today, Sarah decided that she would put off the nasty homework as long as possible.


The sun was shining, spring flowers blooming and


Sarah wanted nothing more than to go outside and play.

At 3 pm Sarah's school bus stopped in front of her house as usual.
"You have a great day Sarah," said the bus driver as Sarah exited the bus.
"Get out and enjoy the sunshine, but be sure and get your homework
done first," the bus driver joked with her.


"Oh you know I will, "Get it done right away, then it is out of the way,"
Sarah said. Jeff the bus driver laughed at the child's remark.
He had heard Sarah recite the same words many times before
over the last school year. As a result she was a straight
A student and very smart.


Sarah stepped off of the bus and seemingly into a brand new world.


Sarah enjoyed that fresh Spring Day, the earth is reborn type of feeling.

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