Destination: Annya Fruhm
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Prologue, Part I.

The shuttle was leaving tomorrow, Dina Caliente knew that. And Mortimer would be on it, that was for sure. So now she needed to persuade Mortimer to pull some strings - so that she could be on it too!

Nina also knew that the shuttle would leave the next day. She was going to miss Don so much. But everything between them was really just about one thing - and that thing wasn't love, that was for sure!

Don Lothario wasn't sure how he'd ended up here. Tomorrow morning he would leave to travel into space, with his wife-to-be, leaving his other lovers behind. Was he making a huge mistake?

Dad and Cassie kept telling Alexander Goth that the journey would be exciting, that he could make new friends. Well, he wasn't sure he liked the sound of "exciting" - and he'd never really wanted friends.

Cassandra wasn't daft, she knew about Don's reputation, she'd heard the rumours. But, although they were engaged, she really only wanted one thing from Don, and it wasn't a ring, but a baby!

Mortimer doubted that he would live much longer. What better way to ensure that the Goth name lived on forever, amongst the stars, than by leading this expedition....?

But he'd made up his mind - he couldn't go without Dina. And, if that was the only way to persuade her to come, Nina could come along too, if she wanted to.....

"So, what do you think, ready to visit another world?". "You really do set your sights high, don't you?! First Michael, then Mortimer, now space!". "Well, you know what they say - aim for the stars!".

And then, after all the waiting and hoping and planning and dreaming and organising, it was their final morning in Pleasantview, in SimNation - on earth, in fact! This six of them were almost ready.....

Or should that be the *seven* of them....?

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