Death Becomes Them
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Olive Specter
Lazlo Curious
Dina Caliente.

Summary: A story of love, greed, deceit and murder. When Dina hatches a plan for herself and Lazlo to steal Olive's money, things go horribly awry. Who will find their happy ending?

Author's Notes: If you want to see spoilers of game play and how I carried out certain things click the spoiler tags. If not and you just want to read this as a story then sit back and enjoy.

Our story begins...

A beautiful spring day had befallen Pleasantview and young Dina Caliente was enjoying the weather. Things were going well for her, or so it seemed. She was having a romance with the wealthiest man in town, Mortimer Goth. She was fast approaching sealing the deal, which couldn't happen fast enough with the bills piling up. She and her sister, Nina, were down to just under 1000 to their names.

Dina sighed heavily as she walked the streets of Bluewater Village. She couldn't buy anything of course, but window shopping was a good stress reliever. She came across the Mercantile Mart and noticed how different it looked. Dark wood and a scary looking tree outside, all new sidewalk in old worn stone. Who was this person trying to fool? This place was as ridiculous as socks in summer. She scoffed and went inside anyway, seeing some old worn shelves with...charms and jars of things.

She was soon approached by what she assumed was the shop owner, a nice looking guy with dark hair and tan skin, much like Don, her other boyfriend...

She liked his look and shook his hand as he greeted her warmly. “Hey, there. Welcome to the Specter Shop.”

“Specter?” Her eyes peered over to an older woman, in clothes WAY too young for her, selling the wares.

“Yeah, Olive Specter. She owns the shop. I just help run it. I'm Lalzo. Lazlo Curious.”

She smiled. “I'm Dina Caliente,”...soon to be Goth, she added in her head. “What exactly does she sell?”

He faltered. “Uhhh, well...”

“I sell things people want but won't admit it,” came an elderly yet smooth voice from behind her. She jumped and was face to face with a woman who quite frankly, was very beautiful. “Lazlo, get back to the cash register.”

Curious shrugged and did as he was told, leaving the two women together. “So what kind of things people want?” She continued.

The older woman just smiled, eyes twinkling. “Mostly charms that aren't useful to anyone but people like myself. I also sell some home grown mushrooms.”

She raised an eyebrow. “Mushrooms?” She looked at the shelf behind Olive and saw several baskets of mushrooms. Under the shelf was a basket of bright red mushrooms, and beside the shelf was a barrel with a single jar of the same red mushrooms sitting on top of it.

“The baskets here have delicious mushrooms. And the red ones...” The woman chuckled, darkly. “Well don't buy those unless you have a reason...”

She crossed her arms. “A deadly reason, perhaps?”

Yes, she knew who this woman was. The famed Black Widow of Strangetown. Every time Olive Specter married or got engaged to someone, they ended up dead. There were also rumors of several people going to work for Olive and never coming back. The woman before her had a confidant air about her and almost seemed to glow with whatever magic aura she was carrying.

Said woman just shrugged. “Perhaps. Don't knock it 'til you try it.”

And with that, the disturbing conversation was over.

She felt sick and left the shop, heading back home, but not before a salon caught her eye. She was low on cash but was in dire need of a makeover. After all, she would be getting married soon and would have to look her best.

When she got back home, a nice new newspaper was waiting for her...well, it was new this morning but as usual, Nina didn't bring it in.

On the front page was something that made her scream...

~To Be Continued

A/N: Should I keep going? Any comments on my style? I am actually playing out this senario with no redos or take-backs. I plan to update soon!

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