My Pets Bodyshop creations don't show up for users without pets
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Go Now to Maxis and get the Bodyshop Patch! (available since Dec 21, 2006)

Pets Patch here:

Go get the patch, delete your exisiting projects from the folder (make sure you saved any custom graphics you might want/need) and make new stuff.

Just in case you already MADE something without the patch and you need to fix it, all the info is still available below.

This only applies if you did not patch your bodyshop:
It was the case before that a recolor of a hair or clothing item from bodyshop from any EP would work with other EPs, as long as they had the mesh; for example, anyone could recolor one of the base game outfits and share with everyone who had the game.

Not anymore. As distributed, PETS BODYSHOP items only work with PETS.

So, first solution:

Let people know they need Pets to use your bodyshop items: When uploading, click the little box to show that your item requires PETS, as below.

This solution simply tells others they need pets to use your recolors.

Making recolors that are compatible with all EPs

All recolors created with the older bodyshop will work with the Pets EP. As such, Numenor has created a Legacy Bodyshop download which you can use to make recolors that will work with all games.

Legacy Bodyshop:

If you have already made some recolors and want to edit the files by hand to make them compatible with all EPs, Beosboxboy and Marvine have posted this solution:

Fixing Existing Pets Created Recolors to Work in All Games:
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