Noir Arachni - A Black Widow Story
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My response to the Black Widow Challange.

Warning: Contains swear words, and lots of sex.


Hey there! The name's Noir Arachni, and I've just moved in to this neighbourhood. I'm young, currently single, and enjoy having fun, and I can't wait to see all the new hunks here!

This is my new house. Looks good from the outside, right?

...Pity that's the only thing that's good about it.

The walls are bare, the second floor isn't actually finished, some rooms don't have flooring, there's no stairs, and no furniture at all except for a few things I've brought with me.

Here they are. A rubbish fridge and the bog. Oh joy. Life's sure going to be fun sleeping on the floor and smelling like a university student's breathe the morning after a night out.

Something needs to be done about this, but I'm down to my final last 60 simoleons. So I decided to do what every good-hearted women in peril would do...

...Walk downtown in search of a future-housemate to scrounge off for the rest of my life.

This place looks classy. I'll be sure to find a man who has a couple of simoleons to rub together here.

And so I wandered into the Crypt O' Night CLub in search of destiny and the man of my dreams...

...No f***ing way.

C'mon, he's wearing pink! Unfortunately, he's the only guy in here, and I really need some cash now...

...I think I'll wait.

Well, hello Sailor! He may not have the best fashion taste, but this guy reeks of money, and he's damn hot! C'mon Timothy Bui, you have a date with my wallet waiting!

Unfortunately, while at first he seemed really receptive to my advances...

...It wasn't long until it all started to go to Hell.

In the end, I gave up on him for now after he left me and sat down with this ugly bitch and started talking about shoes. Crazy man, wanting that when he could have me over the nearest flat surface.

Oh well...Time to pick a new target then!

Well, he may not be the hottest in the room, but at least he has a better fashion sense. Plus, if I'm lucky I can grab a bite off him, I'm STARVING!

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Next: Chapter 1b - It All Begins Somewhere.
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