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The Life and Times Of Judi Osaka**UPDATED CHAPTER 8 & 9---> [7/9/11]**
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Well this is my first story so please be nice and I do appreciate constructive criticism, I did the first chapter in my perspective so I could formally introduce her, hope you enjoy!


I first moved to Sunset Valley after I decided that life in Japan just wasn’t enough for me. I decided that not only was I going to do better here, but that I was going to be successful. I had high hopes, but all that changed when I met HIM. In the beginning he was all that a man should be, he brought joy and love into my life, but in the end, he brought heartache and undeniable pain. In this memoir, I will show you all of the things that have happened through out my life. I will show you the highest of the highs, and that lowest of the lows. This is my story…………..


Chapter 1

“Wow this place is nice”, said Judi as she walked up the steps to her new home. “I never would’ve thought the international housing officials would have gotten me a place this nice.”

Before Judi even stepped into her new home she remembered that she hadn’t yet found a new job, she decided to call a taxi and take a ride downtown to the big business corporation and hopefully get a job there, seeing how she had hopes of becoming a successful business woman.

As she arrived at the business corp. she noticed how large the building was, the small town she lived in, in Japan had nothing on this. She was mesmerized by the building.

For a second Judi just sat in the taxi, trying to work up the nerve to go in the large building and ask for a job.

Finally she took a deep breath and said “I can do this, Judi you can do this.” She then got out and walked up to the building.

Judi was in there for about and hour and a half. She thought she would have to fill out and application at home, but here they do oral applications. Either you’re hired on the spot or you’re not. Judi successfully completed here application and got the job. For some reason she still felt a bit down when she walked out. She missed her family and she felt a bit guilty for all the good things she had been experiencing, while her family was in Japan struggling.

To clear her head a bit, Judi decided to take a trip to the local park. She definitely needed some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

As she strode into the park, she noticed the chess table. She noticed a woman focusing on a move that Judi thought was not so good. Judi was particularly good at chess and that move the woman made, made her skin crawl.

Judi then asked the woman “Umm do you mind if I sit down and help you out a bit”, the woman then replied “Be my guess, I have to up my logic skill to be considered for my next promotion.”

While Judi was spending some time helping this woman out with her chess skill, she didn’t notice the man watching them. He then made a comment towards Judi. “Do I know you,” he said. Judi then stood to face him so that she could get a better look at him incase she did possibly know the guy.

Judi then noticed, she had never saw this guy a day in her life, but he sure was easy on the eyes, he was extremely handsome. He then replied, “I must know you, because I always associate myself with the most beautiful people, and hunny you are gorgeous."

This comment made Judi blush a bit. All she could say was “Uhhh, thank you.” He then told her his name, “My name is Jiromi Haiku, I live a street over from you, I noticed you when you were moving in and I just had to say something to you today.” Judi then replied shyly, “ Well thank you for introducing yourself, my name is Judi Osaka, and umm there’s no need to tell you where I live, I think you already know that.” They both laughed a bit. Jiromi then said, “Well it was nice meeting you Judi, I hope to be seeing you around sometimes.” Judi then replied, “Sure thing.”

As Judi walked away, she visualized his face in her head.


A face……that she should have walked away from.

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Next: Chapter 2: So We Meet Again
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