Lover to A Prince Of Darkness
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Many creatures exist who prowl and roam the darkness; parasites, feeding off the grief and sorrows of others. These are creatures filled with animosity and hate for all things living, and contept fills their eyes when they see We who thrive in the joy and pleasure of The Light. Our only use to them is for the satisfaction of the hunt and the meat and blood that we possess. Cursed are these, who can never see the light of day. But is it possible, can it be that these who we regard with fear and terror can actually experience the most powerful and beautiful emotion known to humankind; Love? Can love be found in any such beings that we term as monsters? Or is it purely lust, disguised to better suit their insatiable desires? Only time will tell.......

Chapter One :- In The Beginning...

'Andromeda, Wisteria! I would like to speak with you both,' called Mr. Rhodes. 'Coming, father!,' shouted Andromeda as she walked past the elaborate kitchen to her father's study. 'Dromy, wait for me!,' muttered the younger Wisteria as she joined her older sibling in the study. 'Is it that hard to wait for me occcasionaly?,' said flustered Wisteria.

'Enough bickering, girls! I've called you in here for a reason. I've decided that it's time we move. With a promotion and raise upcoming, I feel a bigger house is in order. What do you young ladies think?'

Ay Rhodes watched his two beautiful daughters with pride and wonder, pride that the two had grown up so well and wonder that two siblings borne from the same parents could be so different.

Dromy was tall, fair and with the most delicate blonde tresses, the more beautiful of the two, and the living image of her mother.

Wisteria, on the other hand, was short, springy, lean and fit, a typical tomboy, taking after her father's dark brown curls and angled, almond eyes, a wild beauty in her own right.

'Definitely, daddy, when are we moving?!,' exclaimed the ever ready Wisteria. Dromy, on the other hand, looked more reserved and disquieted. 'Just as expected,' thought Ay. 'The last physical memories of her mother lie in this house, and leaving it would be hard for her.' Andromeda was always more emotionally attached to her mother, and when she was taken young at the age of just thirty two in a car accident, it was the fourteen year old Andromeda who was most affected.

'What about you, Andromeda? What do you have to say?' The twenty six year old woman sighed and said, 'I guess it IS time for a change. When do we leave?' She managed a smile for her father. She was always quite family-oriented, and she truly did want to make her father happy and proud. Just beginning to blossom in her career track as politician, Andromeda had begun to stand on her own two feet, and was privately considering moving in to a house of her own.

'Will Aunt Ebony be living with us?' questioned Dromy with a frown.

It was Ay's turn to sigh now; he knew better than anyone else that Ebony and Andromeda had never gotten along and never would, and privately, he couldn't blame his daughter.

His sister was mean-spirited and intensely self-focused and never had time for her two nieces, except to taunt and insult them. She saw them as a barrier to his own affections, as, being his younger sister, he had half raised her himself.

'I've been thinking, and I've decided that it's better if Ebony lives separately from now on. It's no deep secret that you two can never see, erm, exactly eye to eye.' A reserved smile brightened Andromeda's features, and, for the upteenth time, Ay observed how very like her mother she was.

'Then it's decided?,' grinned Wisteria. 'We're moving for sure? When?' Ay smiled at his younger daughter's enthusiasm, and said, 'In three weeks. Start preparing, girls. Let's start afresh, and let's carve a new life for ourselves.'

Ebony was delighted to hear the news, even though it meant parting from her brother, who she clung on to with her fierce, spinster-like obsession. A house all to herself, and to be rid of her nieces were double causes for celebration.

'When do you leave, brother?,' purred Ebony. 'It wil definitely be lonely around here and separating from my....beloved nieces will be quite heart-breaking, especially for me.' Tears filled Ebony's eyes at these words. 'An actress born and bred at the knees of our mother,' speculated Ay. 'The same tears that sprang as and when she summoned them, just as when she wanted a toy from my hands in our younger days.'

Their mother always loved Ebony more due to her visible beauty and talents, and when she and their father separated, it was Ay who took up the role as father to Ebony. 'We won't be far, Ebony, dear. You can come visit anytime you wish.' 'Yes brother,' sniffled Ebony. Ay rolled his eyes and walked out of the room.

The Rhodes family bid adieu to Ebony and walked in and started a life of their own. Months passed by, and success followed them in all most all walks of life; Ay's books were declared instant best sellers, Andromeda was fast heading to the track to mayor, Wisteria's college results were nothing short of A's, and BEST of all, Ebony stayed mostly away from the family!

But something was amiss for young Andromeda; every time she left her house, it was as if a pair of eyes were boring into her back, she felt some one's gaze on her, some evil presence was watching her from amidst the shadows...

One day, as she left the house for work, the sense of being watched had left her; it was as if the presence had it's concentration elsewhere. Shrugging to herself and wondering if these were all the effects of too many action movies, Dromy took the car to work.

A couple of hours later, returning home, she was shocked to see neighoburs, policemen and firemen all gathered outside the mansion, talking grimly amongst themselves. When she got out of the car, it was to see smoke rising slowly from the kitchen.

'Ma'am, are you part of this household?' asked a young policeman. When shell-shocked Dromy nodded, his face instantly turned to one of deepest sadness. 'Then I regret to inform you that your sister and father were lost in a raging fire in the kitchens....'

The world froze around Andromeda as a gut wrenching scream tore from her lips. She ran, throwing people out of her wake, and ascended the steps to the kitchen to see all that was left of her family...

Images flashed through her mind of flames engulfing her father and sister and she thought of how they must have held on to each other for comfort as they knew the end was drawing near and the last few seconds of their lvies were flashing past them. They must have thought and longed for her at that point in time, and she thought bitterly that she wouldn't mind being there, too.

Sddenly, it all grew dark as Dromy's world shifted into a blitz of colour and motion around her. The last thing she saw before she lost consciousness was one charred and torn piece of a dark black suit....

5 months later.....

Andromeda had had enough... After the fire, she had given up everything, her job, her chances, her life, her all. Now, she never left her home and never did anything apart from sit hollowly in her bedroom, weeping about all that was lost to her. Initially her bosses saw the bright future she had laid in front of her and the promise she showed, and they decided to give her some time to cope with her loss. But as the months passsed by, they swiftly realzied that she would not recover, and immediately, other people rose to assume the job of town mayor.

Andromeda refused to care, refused to think and refused to live anymore. One day, it all became too much for her. She had nothing left, and her only family was Ebony.

Ebony, lost in her own private grief over her brother, failed to realize that this was the opportunity to make up to her niece for all the past misunderstandingsl instead, she distanced herself further, blaming Andromeda for her failure to take care of her brother.

From her part, Dromy was just looking for a shoulder to cry on.

Ebony grew harder, colder, and this further deteriorated reason for Andromdea to live.

Finally, late one night, abandoning and deserting her home, Andromeda desired that her grief, pain and hurt overrode her desire to continue in a world without her family, and so, she prepared to take leave of it.......

To be continued....

Note: guys this is my first ever story... I hope you like it mplease comment and tell me what you think...

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Next: Chapter 2:- Not to Die, but to Live Again....
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