Cars - Antique Red

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Uploaded 29th Oct 2005 at 5:02 PM · Updated 15th Sep 2009 at 4:27 PM by -Maylin-

I tried to create the color of the car that I have in real life, but I could not do it. Even so, this color turned out pretty good.

The mini van and the hatchback are not included in this set of cars because they already have a car in a red shade, so why do another one?

I created 3 interior colors for the sportscar. They are black, red and a two-tone black and red. They are individual files and are used independently by any sportscar color in the game. A screenshot of how they appear in the catalog has been included below. You do not need to download the interior color(s) if you do not want them and are fine with using the Maxis default. Or if the interior colors are all that you want, then you can download only those files.

The truck automatically comes with the two-tone interior (no separate file). The Smoogo's interior is the default interior.


My recolor files are always "File-Share-Friendly" and must remain FREE for download (that means if they are included in a house that is posted on a paysite, then the house itself has to be a free download).