"Beautiful Bedding" recolors (4)

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Uploaded 30th Oct 2005 at 12:45 AM · Updated 15th May 2009 at 1:43 PM by -Maylin-

Great Realistic bedding for your sim's beds! :D

There are 2 colors included in this download, green and rose colored. Victorian look?

No EP Required

Okay to include in LOT uploads if credits to xts and linkback here are given.

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Credits: MTS2, SimPe, MeshTool, MilkShape3D, UVMapper, EA Games, JWoods, Numenor, My Sim Buddies for their encouragement: Pinklytaraus, JWoods, Numenor, DixieDawn30, Necrodog and Megavolt. Thanks to the moderators for tolerating me


Bedding 1: Green

Bedding 2: ~ Rose

Green & Rose Beddings:

I've added 2 additional recolors (seperately) bedding 3 is the crisp blue and bedding 4 is the purplish blue (see the 2 screenshots next to the green bedding)

*file xtsbedding102005.zip ~ green and rose
*file xtsbedding3recolor103005.zip ~ crisp blue
*file xtsbedding4recolor103005.zip ~ purplish blue

CEP3 RECOLOUR: you need the CEP3 in order use this recolour.